Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The kids and I boarded Amtrak today to go to Hanford, see Dad, and eat ice cream.  We had a good day.

Before we left, I got on the treadmill.  It felt good.  I worked out for a total of 44 minutes, 15 of those jogging at a 4.0 pace.  Super slow, but it doesn't matter.  I'm moving my butt.

I gotta admit, though, eating that ice cream has left me wanting to snack all afternoon.  As we speak, I am trying to resist the Cadbury eggs sitting on my counter.  It's not a problem for me to have them, but I already had ice cream.  If I do have them, I'm going to count them.

Good things: tracked all my food, drank water, exercised.  Good habits.  Feeling good.

Monday, April 1, 2013


All the public schools around here take their Easter Vacation the week before Easter.  We take ours the week after.  It's one of my favorite times of the year when EVERYONE else is back to school, and we have the week to ourselves.

Since Hudson was sick on Thursday, I kept us all home on Good Friday and we vegged. Saturday was Easter with my mom and sister.  Sunday was Easter here as a family.

And today I decided to get the kiddos and myself out of the house and go check out a new trampoline arena.  I'm not sure how long it's been open, but it is a whole lot closer to my house than the other major arena in Fresno.  It is literally a few blocks (large city blocks) away.  Plus, a friend works there, so it was fun to talk to her and catch up.

We stayed for two hours.  I jumped.  The kids jumped, flipped, played dodge ball, ran, hurled their body off into a foam pit, and had a blast.  I really enjoyed myself as well.  I probably jumped for an hour out of the two we were there.  Jump a little.  Take a break.  Jump some more.  Take a break.  It is really fun and fairly easy to jump on a trampoline.  The momentum of the springs sort of propels you back up without having to use all energy.  Plus, it's easy on the joints.  I like that.

My kids were racing and hopping all over the place as though they'd been doing this for years.  I was a bit more timid.  I was scared to jump from one tramp to the other.  I had to step gingerly. There were 30 large trampolines in a huge grid.  The place is pretty big.  There is also a dodge ball area with 12 trampolines, a foam pit with three trampolines, and a toddler area with four trampolines.  At times there were a lot of people, but I never felt like I didn't have room to jump.

By the time we left, I was cautiously hopping over the pads from one tramp to the other.  I'm really glad I wore the extra support bra.

We came home and I made a huge salad with grilled chicken and blue cheese.  I was proud of myself because the kids had mac n cheese, and I so badly wanted to take a few bites from the serving spoon, but I didn't.

I counted my jumping as 7 points, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.  That is where the Active Link would be really helpful in assessing how many points I have earned.  I get a little Type A about stuff like that.  I want to know exactly how many points I've earned.  I don't want to guess.  They have EVERY type of activity you can think of in the Weight Watcher Activity Chart, but not trampoline.

I considered coming home and doing the run I had planned, but I decided to just treat today as a cross training day.  There is no need to jump into this and burn myself out.  I did plenty of activity today at the arena, especially considering my activity lately has been nonexistent.

I know these posts are long, but I'm treating them as online journals for the moment.  As I get healthier, I hope to be more concise.

My weight this morning as 191.7.  I'm keeping my "official" weigh-in day on Wednesday, but I wanted to know where I started for "new start" purposes.  I need to take my measurements and a photo.  I'll do it before the day is over.