Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Run

Distance: 1.94 miles
Time: 31 min.

Last year I competed in my first ever Turkey Trot. We didn't do that this year due to the fact that my running has dwindled down to nothing. Hope to change that. This year we slept in until all of 7 a.m, cleaned the house, and watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I headed out to do a quick run at 10:30. It's the first outdoor run I've done in quite a while.

Tomorrow is my rest day, and we'll be having a second Thanksgiving with Husband's side of the family.

My family joined us for the holiday today. We've been having fun laughing and playing games.

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you all sleep as peacefully as my little guy tonight!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Before

Distance: 1.85 miles
Time: 31 min.

I am so unoriginal. I named my post for today on my other blog with the same title as this one.

I figured I had better exercise today because it was either that or I was going to come unglued on a particular 3-year-old who lives in my house. Let's just say that he was good at helping me bake, but also good at destroying some of the finished product. Grrrrrrrr!

I bake a special bread each year at Christmas, but I decided to make it for Thanksgiving this year. I'll do it again at Christmas as well, but I was having a craving for it.

It tastes even better than it looks!

Anyhow, once we were done, Hudson decided to play in the sink and managed to get water all over two of the loaves. We'll see later if they dried out.

The monkey also managed to spoil his dad's surprise of us getting him a cake. I never should have told him we were going to buy his dad a birthday cake. I didn't even consider the fact that he might blab it to his dad.

The joy of children.

And here I am in all my baking glory.

Happy Day Before!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Healthy Birthday to Eric

Distance: 1.851 miles
Time: 31 min.

I'm on Thanksgiving Vacation. It's wonderful. The only problem is that I am in full vacation mode and have no energy or motivation to do some of the things that I really need to do.

I finally just told myself to get off my butt and do two things. One was to run on the treadmill. The other is to pick a spot, any spot in the house, and clean for 15 minutes.

I wanted to document my run before I head to the cleaning portion of my day. I think I'll start in the kitchen. If I have any more time after the timer goes off, I'll head into the formal dining room since my family will be here in two days to celebrate the holiday. They would probably appreciate a decently clean house. I'll appreciate myself if I don't leave all the cleaning until Thursday morning.

I am once again trying to get myself back into the running and healthier food habit. Day one. It's a good day to start back up. It's Eric's birthday. I won't forget the day I started going back to better habits since it's an important day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Start to the Week and Giants Win!

Distance: 1.867 miles
Time: 32 min.

I was actually looking forward to my run all day today. That in and of itself is a good sign. I didn't feel as wiped out when I was done. Another good sign.

Giants won the World Series. A very good sign!

My visor. I am debating whether or not I should wear it tomorrow!

Pretty decent day! Happy All Saints Day!