Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don't Regret It

Distance: 8.0 miles/11:48 pace

Today was a classic case of living out my motto...I never regret the runs I do, but I do regret the ones runs I skip. Or something to that effect.

My alarm went off at 6, and every fiber of my being begged me to NOT go run 8 miles. I even killed over an hour eating, web surfing, and staring at the wall.

There were two things that got me out the door. One was the above motto. The second thing was knowing I'd feel unprepared next Saturday trying to run my half. I fell off the training wagon for two weeks, sort of got back on this past week, and knew I needed to get in one more decent long run before next weekend.

In any case, I maintained less than a 12 minute mile and made it back without collapsing in my driveway. I certainly didn't want to run five more miles, but I was okay after running today.

I am looking forward to next week's race and hope to improve my time.

I also wore my new shoe for the first time today. They felt fine, but I have to admit, I'm not crazy about the gray color. I just have a thing for white. Oh well. In another 400 miles I can get a new pair!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sick Kid

Distance: 5.5 miles
Run: 5 miles/12 minute pace

Child #2 got sick and threw up at Vacation Bible School today. Needless to say, that sort of threw our day out of whack.

Luckily Hudson bounced back quickly and was just fine by this afternoon.

Eric and I had our Weight Watcher meeting (I lost 7.2 pounds!) this evening, and we also signed up for a bike flat tire clinic. I figured we would get home late, so I wanted to get my run done and out of the way.

I cranked it out on the treadmill this afternoon.

It is definitely cooler in the house with air conditioning, but it is still hotter at 78 in the house than I would prefer it for running. I get soooooooo hot. I didn't run non stop, but I didn't quit until I got five miles done. I'm doing four tomorrow, 8 on Saturday, and then I'll follow the last week of my training plan next week before the race.

It's been a weird week.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hate thinking of titles

I was going to run four miles. I ran less than three, but with my warm up and cool down walk, it totaled 3.039 miles altogether.

I did run two miles straight, however.

Not good. Oh well. I guess I shouldn't wait until after 10 p.m. to start a run. Gotta get this schedule thing figured out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First ride with clip shoes

We went to church last night and saw one of our faithful babysitters. I had been meaning to get a sitter for this morning so Eric and I could do a ride. Luckily, the sitter agreed to arriving at our house at 7 a.m. I felt bad for her 16-year-old freshly licensed brother who had to be the one to wake up early to drive her over!

Today was a big day for me bike wise. I was wearing my new cycling shoes and using my new clipless pedals. (I don't understand the term "clipless pedals" because you "clip" into the pedals to get moving.)

I got my shoes last Friday, but I was too afraid to try them out in Monterey. I figured I'd better be on flat and familiar ground before attaching myself to my bike and possibly not being able to get out.

I didn't even try the pedals out first in the trainer. I just practiced out in front of the house. It took me a few times to be able to get my left foot clipped in to the pedal. Even though I wasn't exactly comfortable with the whole "clip" routine, I figured I might as well head off.

The shoes match my bike and my gloves. Very important! I even told the sales guy that they'd match. He seemed impressed!

Things were going pretty well. We got about seven miles out from our house and stopped at an intersection to decide which way were going to ride. I had successfully unclipped my left shoe, but instead of leaning to the left, I accidentally started toppling to the right!

I panicked and starting screaming, "Falling! Falling!" Luckily, I was falling towards Eric, and he caught me. Even though I didn't hit the ground, I banged my left ankle up so hard it made me cry. Then I cried because I was scared of the fall. Then I felt like I was hyperventilating. It wasn't pretty.

Eric was great. He soothed me and waited until I was composed and breathing again. I got back on and continued, but it took me a bit of time to feel as though my heart wasn't going to beat out of my chest.

We got to just over 12 miles before turning around.

Me in my new orange jersey. It is actually bright orange, but it is hard to tell from the photo.

It was pretty bright and 67 degrees heading out at 7 a.m. Luckily the ride back had the sun to our back.

Eric at our turn around point.

Our ride back was fairly uneventful until Eric got a flat tire about a mile from home. He sent me on ahead to get the car and come back for him. We are going to a flat repair clinic this Wednesday. Eric changed his tire while he waited for me, but decided not to ride home. He'll take the bike to the flat clinic to make sure he changed it the right way.

The rest of the day has been fairly relaxed. I made a run to CVS to play my coupon game. In short, I bought $60.07 worth of stuff and only had to pay $.05 before taxes! Taxes brought my total to $3.21! I love having a successful shopping trip like that.

I still need to decide how to proceed with my half marathon training. I should probably decide that before tomorrow!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Late Run

Distance: 3.5 miles
Time: 46 min./3 mile run at 12 minute pace on treadmill

I'm in a slump. This would normally not be too big of a deal except for the fact that I am running my second 1/2 marathon in two weeks. Yikes!

I was doing sooooooo well two weeks ago. I ran 11 miles on two Saturdays ago and then just lost ALL motivation. I didn't do any running the week after the 11. Then we were in Monterey last weekend. I ran 8 miles. It hurt. Once again, I skipped ALL running (and all physical activity for that matter) for the entire week. Ugh.

I also had a really BAD weigh in at Weight Watchers. I cried. I haven't done that in the nearly 8 months we've been going. Bad stuff.

I nearly skipped running today. But I didn't. I got my butt on the treadmill and ran three miles. I gave myself a break and kept it at a slow and steady 12 minute pace. I didn't stop for any walk breaks. Thank goodness.

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the next two weeks leading up to the half, but I know I don't want to get there and feel awful about my training.

I'm not sure what is the cause of my slump. Too much running, heat, laziness? Not sure. Don't care right this minute because I just finished 3 miles and it's almost midnight. I need to get to bed because Eric and I are going on a long bike ride tomorrow. It will be my first time using my clip shoes. I sure hope I don't fall!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eight Miles Hurts...

...after skipping every run this week. I skipped what was supposed to be 14 miles of running. I didn't have any energy all week. I was lethargic, grumpy, hot, and tired.

I felt guilty about not running, but not guilty enough to get off my butt and do it.

We just got back from Monterey less than an hour ago. The weather was amazing. Cool, foggy and overcast in the mornings, sunny and 65 in the afternoon, and cool and foggy at night. My kind of heaven.

I woke up on Saturday morning and ran 8 miles. It was supposed to be 12, but I figured 8 was decent.

I hurt sooooo badly today! I'm not sure if it was the 8 miles after a week of inactivity or the fact that the last half mile of the run was straight uphill to my SIL's house where we were staying. In any case, my thighs are screaming.

I indulged and acted like a complete sloth for a week. It's now time to get back in gear starting tomorrow.

As hard as it is to come back home to the heat, I know that Eric and I will be back to the cool weather in just three weeks for my half marathon in Salinas. I am pretty excited. I intend to train well for the next three weeks so I go into the race feeling prepared rather than scared.

I hope to have more time tomorrow to write about our trip. I think I have a few photos as well.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Better Than Last Week

Distance: 11.23 miles
Time: 2:12:08
Run: 11 miles/2:07:36/11:36 avg pace

I was really nervous about this morning's 11-mile run. I'm not sure why. I did 10 last week and 8 the week before. I've gone long distances before. I guess it's just that each long run brings doubt.

In any case, I was out of the house by 6. My hope is to always finish in under 12-minute miles. Then I add extra time to account for stoplights and walking/fuel breaks. I told Eric to not expect me back much before 9. If I'm not back by then, that is when he should worry!

He was pretty surprised when I got home by 8:20. I was pretty pleased, too.

I couldn't even begin to tell you what I think about for over two hours plodding along by myself. The time seems to go by the fastest when I do math in my head or plan things for the future. Weird.

One thing that has been helping me is I have a very specific plan before I leave for when to stop for water and chomps. I am a very "rule" oriented person, so I make rules for myself when running these long runs. When I follow the rules, I feel very successful!

I walk and take in water on the even miles. I walk, drink, and take four chomps at miles 3, 6, and 9. This gives me the mental boost I need knowing that I'll essentially be walking at miles 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10. I also allow myself sips of water whenever I have to wait at a stoplight.

I know I tend to over complicate things, but having this plan in mind really helps keep me moving. When I'm at mile 6.5, I can tell myself, "Just a mile and a half to go and you can stop for water." The hardest stretches are in the middle from miles four to eight.

I plan to use a similar plan for my half in Salinas but adjusting the fuel to miles 3, 6, 9 and 11. Two packs of Chomps will get me through the race. I definitely have the ability to do better than my first half.

The best part about this morning besides finishing? It was blessedly cool! It was 65 degrees when I started out. There were even moments when the wind hit my sweaty self and I shivered! I haven't shivered since February!

Next week is 12 miles and then I start two weeks of taper. Now if I could just keep up with the mid-week runs, I'd really be feeling strong!

Once again, I'm icing my knees. I think I do need to look into some Glucosamine.


Yesterday Eric and I went on a Beginner's Group Ride with the owner, John, from Sunnyside Bicycles. There was one other lady named Isabel who just moved here from Spain. She sounds just like the Sisters at my school/church who are all from Spain!

We rode over 18 miles out Belmont towards the mountains. At first we were riding at about 10-11 mph. Then John asked if we'd all be comfortable kicking it up to 15 mph. We all said yes.

It was a great ride with John teaching us etiquette in group riding such as pointing out road hazards, communicating, and handling dogs and traffic. There was a dog that charged out at us and scared me half to death. I'm surprised I didn't fall off my bike. Yikes! John yelled at the dog just as loud as the dog barked at us.

Since we were done with the ride by 9, I suggested we load up the kids with their bikes and head to the park to do an easy ride with them. We went about 5.5 miles at Woodward Park and then enjoyed Jamba Juice smoothies after that. Smoothies are the best treat after exercise! They are my family's guilty pleasure.

One of these days I'll take more pictures, but I feel like my pictures all look the same. And I just use my phone to take them because I'm not going to carry a camera while I run or ride. I carry enough stuff as it is. Phone in one hand and water bottle in the other. Luckily the phone doubles as the ipod.

I'm meeting my mom and sister in a few hours to see the play Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. I loved that movie growing up, so I'm looking forward to the play.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Half is Getting Closer

Distance: 2.59 miles
Distance: 4 miles/11:21 avg pace

I was supposed to run five miles yesterday. I should have gone at 6 a.m. I set my alarm to go at 6 a.m. The alarm went off, and I continued to sleep. I figured I'd just go after I dropped Hudson off at daycare. The only problem was that Hudson slept late, I got him to daycare later than usual, and by the time I started running, it was already hot.

I just don't do well in heat. Give me 40 degree weather ANY day over this nasty 100+ crap we'll be dealing with for the next few months. I guess I should be happy I don't live in Texas or Florida. I'd die. Seriously.

Anyhow, I dropped Hudson at daycare and took Evan with me on his bike. It was 9:30 and 86 degrees. I made it a whole 1.3 miles out before I stopped and told Evan we had to go home. I stood there giving myself a pep talk while Evan patiently watched me while perched on his bike. He put up his little hand and said, "High five, Mom. You can do this!" What a little sweetheart! Just one of the thousands of reasons why I really like that kid!

After we made it home without dying of heat stroke, the child and I got ready to go to the water park for the day. He was big enough this year to ride the big water slides. We stayed there for about four hours, and man was I exhausted after walking up and down those hills all afternoon.

My four mile run this morning was just okay. Not fast. Not slow. It was 75 degrees. While that is certainly better than 86, it was still warm for me. Oh how I long for January and winter racing. Seeing your breath while you run is so much easier for me.

I have two more weekends of long runs (one 11 and one 12 mile) before I taper for two weeks. The half is less than a month away. My cousin was supposed to run with me, but she is getting over an injury and won't be able to join me. That is a bummer, but I am still excited about the race.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Athletic Fourth

We enjoyed a very hot and very athletic Fourth of July weekend.

I started Saturday with my 10-mile run. I already wrote about that.

On Sunday morning, I picked up our babysitter at 7 a.m, and Eric and I headed out for a two hour bike ride. We both felt great and made improvement over our last ride. Eric, especially, rode strong. I was impressed. He would zip ahead of me, but wait for me to catch up at intersections. It worked out well.

Taking a water/fuel break around mile 22. Even though we left the house at 7:15, it was HOT outside. We were both sweaty messes by the time we got home. We rode over 28 miles.

Eric had a fantastic ride. We really enjoy riding together.

Fourth of July was celebrated yesterday. Weird, I know, but it worked out best for family. My mom, sister, and nephews came to our house for the day. My mom, sis, and I took off to the grocery store for an hour of fun. My mom loves my grocery store. Again...strange!

After a fun day of eating and fireworks, the cousins ended up spending the night. They all camped out in the family room with the warning that we would be getting up very early so I could go to my race. They still wanted to stay.

The oldest and youngest slept on the floor, while the two middle kids slept on the couch. They were four very tired boys after playing all day yesterday. I sort of felt bad for having to wake them up at 5:45!

We were out the door by 6 a.m. this morning to head to my race. Child #2 was a little cranky at being woken up so early. He refused to face the camera, and he refused to be put down.

Even though the race started at 7 a.m, it was already 80ish degrees. That is NOT my happy temperature for running. I prefer 50 degrees.

Running UPHILL to the finish line!

The race was held in the park where a lot of my races are held, but the course was different than I have ever run. I enjoyed the difference, but the bad part were the hills. The entire last 1/3 of a mile was up a pretty steep hill. UGH!

I started the race running with my friend Elaine, but I was running faster than her, so she told me to go ahead. So I did. I was clicking along pretty nicely for the first three miles. I was really pleased. Then we ran down a pretty steep hill, and I knew we'd eventually have to go up said hill.

I also got REALLY hot at about mile 3. Super hot. Like not sure if I was okay kind of hot. I walked on and off for the last mile. I still maintained a 10:51 pace for the race, so I am pleased with my time. I sure hope I see improvements in my time when the weather gets cold again.

After I finished, my body just couldn't cool down. I was dripping sweat from every pore. (Every person there was dripping. Pretty gross.) Normally after a few minutes I'll cool off, but the air was muggy today, and I started to panic. I get really anxious when I get too hot.

Eric grabbed me some watermelon while I sucked down water. We headed to the car pretty shortly after I was done.

We made a quick stop at the store to grab breakfast supplies, and then Eric made us delicious omelettes, bacon and country potatoes.

We took the cousins home, and now we are back home relaxing. It's been a nice weekend. I don't have to work this week other than preparing lessons for summer school and working at home on our preschool binder. Looking forward to more relaxing before needing to kick it into higher gear for school.

Oh, I almost forgot! I bought new running shoes.

Asics Gel Nimbus 13s. I always get white, so this grey color is a switch for me. I'm not going to wear them until I log another 50 miles. This shoe is the upgrade from the Nimbus 12s. That shoe worked out great for me, so now I can find them online for pretty cheap. I might have to buy another pair of the 12s if I find a great sale.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ten Mile Alone Time

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:59:45/11:59 avg pace

I'm all for having some quality alone time, but two hours of huffing, puffing and sweating from 6-8 a.m. is downright hard. It took a lot of motivation, discipline, and pep talks to get me through my 10 miles by myself today.

The good parts: it's done, I finished in less than (barely) 12-minute miles, and now I have my feeling of accomplishment to carry me through the day.

The bad parts: my knees hurt (icing them as I type).

I was REALLY tired yesterday. I taught summer school until noon, met the family for lunch and a movie, got my nails done and then came home and figured I'd snooze for an hour or so before dinner. Well, my "snooze" turned into a three-hour miss dinner dead to the world sleep.

I woke up at 10, confused and disoriented. I got up, ate some crackers, and went back to bed. I slept soundly until my alarm went off at 5:21 this morning. Over 10 hours of deep sleep. Yikes! I think my body was trying to tell me something!

In any case, I doubt I'd have been able to handle a 10-mile run this morning had I not gotten some good sleep. Sometimes my body decides what it needs without any input from me!

Today's plan is to clean the house. From top to bottom. Scrubbing, dusting, CLEAN. I'm tired of the clutter and mess.

My family is coming over tomorrow for fireworks and bbq. I have a race on Monday morning.

And now I need to go eat something before I pass out.