Sunday, January 30, 2011


I had just enough motivation to come home from Talent Show practice and get on the treadmill.

Distance: 2.786 miles
Time: 38 min.

I started at a speed of 4.6. Each minute I kicked it up one notch until I got to 5.2. I did this pattern four times for a total of 28 minutes of running.

I was tired by the last session, but I knew I wouldn't have to slow the pace or give up. It feels good to nail a workout.

No Time

Distance: 3.0 miles

Run hasn't happened yet.

Today was one of the first Sundays in a long time where I truly didn't have time to run. Hopefully I'll have motivation later and I'll get it done, even if it's late.

This weekend started Catholic Schools Week. Child #1 and I went to Mass at our church at 9:30 so I could direct the Children's Choir and he could sing in it. As soon as that Mass ended, we had to zip down the road to attend Mass at a different church. I signed up to give a little talk promoting our school given that it's Catholic Schools Week.

As soon as Mass #2 was over, we drove home, changed our clothes, and headed across town to go to my nephew's birthday lunch. I enjoyed onion peels, and boy were they good. I love onion peels and chipotle sauce. Yum.

Then we headed to Costco. Then we went to Save Mart. Now we are home, but I still have to go out again to practice for the talent show which is on Thursday night.

This entire weekend has zipped by in a blink.

I'm just bummed that I didn't get to run outside today. It's hard to get the run done outside during the week because it gets dark so early, so I really enjoy my outdoor runs on the weekend. Plus, I run better outside than I do on the treadmill.

Anyhow, there's my sad story for the day. I'm determined to still come home and run tonight. Gotta run off those onion peels!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Distance: 3 miles
Time: 41:55 min.

Last night was a super cool night, but I was too tired too blog about it. But now I'm ready to share.

I reached my 10% goal at Weight Watchers last night!!! My weekly goal is always to lose a pound a week, so I didn't have much more than that as an expectation walking in the door. I was surprised to find that I'd lost three pounds this week! That is pretty big for me.

Even better, though, was realizing that I made my 10%! I've lost a total of 19.2 pounds. For the non math wizards out there, that means that I started at 190 and am now down to 170.8! (I sort of can't believe that I wrote my weight for the world to see, but I'm sort of at the point in this journey where I feel like it's just a number and it doesn't explain all of who I am. I care more about the numbers that say I can run 2.5 miles!)

I was so happy to receive my 10% keychain. Whenever I see it, I feel so proud of myself.

Fuzzy photo of my new keychain.

I feel better about myself than I have in a very long time. I feel strong and capable. And I've got a new keychain!

I ran 2.5 miles tonight on the treadmill. It took about 31 minutes to get it done at a 4.7 mph speed. I felt like I could have continued if necessary. I love that feeling. One thing I am realizing is that it is hard to do a good run when several hours have gone by with no food. Tonight I ran about an hour after dinner and felt strong. I just don't like it getting so late when I do that.

It is exciting to know that I will be capable of running three miles very soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me Time

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 42:28 min.

Husband and the kiddos were at soccer practice, so it was my job to zip home, make dinner and get my run done.

The treadmill kicked my butt. Maybe it's a mental block. Who knows. In any case, I eeked out my 2.5 miles, barely. Then I skipped my situps. My Tuesday situps are always the first exercise to go. I don't care for them all that much.

Looking a little scary after my run. I felt as bad as I looked. It took me a while to cool down and feel normal again. Maybe I need to eat more throughout the day to help give me energy for the run. I feel like this is all a big science experiment at times.

I didn't realize how tired I was, but I ended up in bed asleep by 9:30. Must have needed it.

Monday, January 24, 2011


35 minutes elliptical

I got a couple of great compliments today. One at school from my close friend who said I look tiny, and another from our daycare provider who said my face looks thinner.

Tiny and thinner. Those are two fantastic words that I would never get tired of hearing!

Child #1 and I left school at 4ish. In case anyone doesn't know, the child is in first grade at the same school where I teach. We are together all.the.time. I love it though. It's great knowing I can pop over to his classroom if I want to, although I rarely do that. Usually if I see him at lunch, I'll zip over to give him a hug. I'm sure it will be soon enough when he won't want public hugs.

Anyhow, #1 and I left school and got home by 4:30. He worked on homework while I got my workout finished. I love being able to work out in the 4 o'clock hour and having my evening to watch tv, snuggle with kids, and sleep. I wish I could get my workout done at that time every day.

I am contemplating taking my clothes with me to school tomorrow and getting my run done in the neighborhood near school while #1 has basketball practice. There is also soccer practice tomorrow night. If I don't get the run done early, it will be into the 8 o'clock hour before I even get started.

Sorry to ramble. Just typing as I think here!

I watched Weeds on Netflix while I did the elliptical. First episode was great. I think I'm hooked.

Blast from the past picture: Hudson and me in Monterey in 2008. This was almost three years ago. So hard to believe that Hudson was this small and fuzzy haired!

Taken moments ago.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

25 minutes

Distance: 2.75 miles
Time: 35 min.

It's funny how a run is really good one day and hard the next.

I can't say I had a bad run, but it just "felt" harder to do. I ran for 25 minutes and made it 2.17 miles with an average pace of 11:32/mile. That is certainly not a bad pace for me, but yesterday was better. (2.5 miles/11:16 pace/28 minutes.)

Oh well. No big deal. I just find it strange how my perceived level of difficulty can change from day to day.

The family started out with me riding bikes, but Child #1 had a flat tire, so they went back to the house. I ran alone.

Ahhh. Back in my pj's. Love these suckers.

It was a day of football. I really wanted to snack mindlessly on things like cheese sticks and buffalo wings, but we didn't have any in the house. Sometimes that is the bad part about losing weight. Snacking mindlessly just isn't an option anymore.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I ran 2 1/2 miles!

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 36:33 min.

Ugh. Typing on the laptop makes me crazy because I had half my post written, and now it's gone with a hit of a random button. Grrrr.

I ran 2 1/2 miles. I am so proud of myself! I felt really strong for the first mile and a half. Even though it got harder towards the end, I knew I wouldn't have trouble finishing.

And the best part? My pace was 11:16! Wow! I wasn't trying to go fast or slow. I was just trying to run comfortably. I definitely had that runner's high once I got back to the house.

It boggles my mind that less than two months ago I could barely run for 60 second stretches. And now I can run for over 28 minutes. Crazy stuff! This run also earned me 6 Activity Weight Watcher points. Nice.

I cooked a new WW recipe for dinner. Balsamic vinegar chicken and oven fries. Yum. Our house is decently clean, our bellies are full, we got exercise today, and now I am in need of a shower. Good day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Distance: 2.416 miles
Time: 35 min.

I have plans with a friend tonight. We haven't seen each other in months. In fact, I think it's coming up on a year the last time we got together. And we only live 45 minutes away from each other.

Luckily, this is the type of friendship that can pick up right where we left off...whether a year has passed or two days has passed.

Rather than blow off my workout for today, I decided to suck it up and get up at 5 a.m. to get my run done. Ugh. Did I say 5 a.m? When the alarm went off, Eric asked me why I was up!

I rolled out of bed, got dressed and got on my treadmill. You would think the loud motor and pounding of my feet would wake people up. Um, no. They all slept soundly through the noise.

I even got in 10 minutes of squats and lunges. I feel like I've been busy all morning.

As I was finishing my workout, I realized that I left one thing out from Christmas. I do this every year. Last year it was the snowman cookie jar. This year? I left out a snowman wall hanging. I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it or take it down! It reminds me of chilly and happy days!

Let it snow! Although, I do have to admit, I am getting a little weary of the gray and sunless days.

In any case, workout is done. No excuses today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little By Little

I lost another 1.6 pounds at weigh-in today. Little by little I am shrinking. Choice by choice, day by day, point by point.

The topic at today's meeting was about how this is not a diet but a lifestyle. That is all fine and good until I reach a point where I simply don't want to track everything I eat. I want to eat without consequence. However, that doesn't work for me.

I hope that if and when I reach the point of not wanting to track, I will remember that I am not depriving myself of special treats and good food. I am simply being mindful of what I put into my mouth.

This past week we ate at the Spaghetti Factory, I enjoyed a box of candy hearts, I ate real chips (not the baked kind), and I had a scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream. And I still lost weight. It's because the rest of the time I made good choices, and I didn't convince myself that I needed a treat just because it was Tuesday.

Is this always easy? No, not at all. Is it worth it? Yes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treadmill is Hard

Distance: 2.509 miles
Time: 31 min.

I feel like I am the only person on the internet who seems to think it is easier to run outside rather than on a treadmill. I'm not talking about a boredom level. I'm talking about ease of running.

Outside on a good day, I have gotten to the point where I can run for 25 minutes and maintain an 11:30 min/mile pace. On the treadmill I am dying when I set the speed to 5.1. Why? Whyyyyyyy? And believe you me, I don't even think about raising the incline. Sheesh!

I have been trying my hardest to stay at 5.1. Couldn't do it today. So I started to re-evaluate. Why am I so hell bent on running at 5.1? And why 5.1? What rule book in my head spit out that number? (All I can figure is that my little bitty brain wanted to run slightly faster than a 12 minute mile.)

So I slowed it down to 4.5 mph. And I could instantly feel a difference. I was comfortable. I felt like I could keep running for the full 25 minutes...which I did. Don't get me wrong. I was still tired and sweating like crazy, but I didn't want to die.

Running is running. I have got to let go of numbers for a bit. I should be happy that I can run a bit faster outside. And maybe over time I'll up my speed on the treadmill.

I need to be proud of the fact that I am RUNNING!

I think there is something wrong with my sweat glands. I sweat more than the average person. Or maybe it's in my head. In any case, I really hate sweating, but I am very good at it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better Than Yesterday

Distance: 2.76 miles
Time: 35 min.
Avg. Pace for the running portion: 11:34/mile

I was extremely pleased with my run today. My pace was almost a minute faster per mile! I guess it helped that I didn't run two miles in the morning, and I was not running on a full stomach. It's the little things. Oh, and no hives today!

I ran the same distance as yesterday in over three minutes less time! I was pretty excited about that!

It just boggles my mind that seven weeks ago I was barely able to run for 60 seconds without huffing and puffing and wanting to die. Now I can run for 25 minutes at a pace that is in my goal range. I need to remember how I am impressed with myself right now the next time I get down about my lack of running skills.

Me after running for 25 minutes. I look frightened or in pain. I was neither. I was just standing in my kitchen. Although the state of my kitchen is enough to frighten anybody.

There. Not scared, but definitely gross and sweaty. And good grief my forehead looks enormous.

The boys rode bikes while I ran. I love doing this as a family. Then they threw a football around while I did leg and arm weights outside. I did walking lunges across our giant cul de sac. It took 32 lunges to get to the other side!

We plan to head to the park tomorrow for a bike ride and picnic. I am so pleased that we are becoming more active as a family. A year ago this just wasn't happening. Makes my little heart swell!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


After finishing my second run and stripping down to take a shower, I realized I was covered from head to toe in hives. Ugh. Itchy.

Every once in a while this happens to me. I am allergic to everything under the sun, but my allergies are manageable with shots and medicine. However, it has happened before when I have something in the tomato family and then get hot by exercising. The combination of the two brings out the welts. Today I had a sandwich with tomatoes on it.

I would have taken a picture, but I was naked. Plus, it's hard to see bumps in a photo. And really, who would want to see that anyhow?!

Benadryl is the best at taking hives away, but it was only 4 and we still had things to do this afternoon. Benadryl knocks me on my butt. I couldn't sleep through Evan's soccer game! I took a Zyrtec and hoped for the best.

Itching is gone, but I can still feel bumps.

Note to self: Don't eat tomatoes and then go run.

Instead of a picture of me, I'll post one of Evan in his soccer uniform at The Old Spaghetti Factory. The indoor soccer warehouse is right around the corner from OSF. We had to take advantage of that...two Saturdays in a row!

Run #2

Distance: 2.75 miles total, (.25 warm up, 2.25 run, .25 cool down)
Time: 37:23 min. total, 28:08 for the run
Avg. Pace: 12:29/mile

I just finished run #2. The family rode their bikes while I ran through the neighborhood. I knew I was running slow, but after this morning's run, I didn't have tons of energy left. Even with a fairly slow pace, I felt like I kept it pretty steady. I was breathing hard, but was still able to yell at Child #2 when he cut me off!

Off to shower and get ready for Child #1's indoor soccer game.

Two Days Off

Distance: 2.349 miles
Time: 33 min.

If my training plan (and I use that term very loosely) goes the way it should, I take Fridays off from exercise. However, I never seem to follow my plan to a T, and that really bugs me. Life just intervenes at times.

I fully planned to do my run on Thursday, but I didn't get to it. I needed sleep. Lots of sleep.

I figured I'd make up for taking off Thursday by working out on Friday instead. I completely planned to run last night. Buuuuuuttttttt, after school Child #1 and I had to get allergy shots, we picked up Child #2, we ran to the groomers to pick up the dogs, we ran home to change for soccer practice, we drove across town to soccer practice, we figured we'd be done in an hour but the coach had other plans and kept us til 7:30, and we had to eat.

We were going to get something fast, but Child #1 realllllllly wanted Sweet Tomatoes. We ended up at ST at 8 p.m. last night. We didn't get home until after 9. Since I was dozing off on the couch at 9:15, I just didn't have it in me to change and run on the treadmill. Just couldn't do it.

Soooooo, to make up for life sneaking itself into my LIFE, I am going to attempt not one, but two runs today!!! I just got done with the first one.

Ran on the treadmill for 10, walked for 3 and ran for 10. I wanted to die. I was sucking air. I am almost ready to hook myself up to Child #2's nebulizer. I didn't do it though. I did steal Husband's inhaler, however.

Right now the plan is to fuel up throughout the day, put all the Christmas decorations away (don't judge), and go for a family run/bike ride later this afternoon. We'll see how my plan goes.

Here is a random picture of me last week. I'm cold in this picture. I feel like I've been cold for three weeks. The only time I am truly warm is in a piping hot bath, in bed after I've pressed up to the heater known as my husband, or when I am dripping with sweat while running like I was 20 minutes ago. I like winter, but I'm getting a little tired of being cold.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Worked!

Eating my activity points this last week must have helped because I lost 1.6 pounds this past week!

Yay me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still Running

Distance: 2.46 miles
Time: 34 min.

Aside from my car's battery being dead because Child #1 left the lights on all night, today was a decent day. Nothing super good. Nothing super bad. Just a day.

I wanted to get my run in before I needed to take Child #1 to soccer practice. He rode his bike with me while I ran outside. My goal when I run outside (and on the treadmill for that matter) is to stay under a 12 minute mile pace. I managed to maintain that today.

Every once in a while I have a strange problem. I get to the end of the day and find that I haven't eaten enough. That is the case for today. I have six regular points left and five activity points from my run today.

I could eat for the sake of getting fuel into me, but we ate a really late dinner, and I'm just not hungry. I don't want to eat for the sake of eating. Listening to hunger cues is important as well.

I think I need to be more aware of what I plan to have for dinner and then add more food into the middle of the day accordingly.

Weigh-in is tomorrow. Not feeling overly confident even though I've upped my exercise and completely stayed within my points. Losing weight is such a tricky thing sometimes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I WON!!!!!

I found out today that I won third place at the race I ran on Saturday morning!!!!

Eric texted me this morning telling me the news. I was so excited that I shared it with the 8th graders sitting at their desks. They clapped for me!

I never in a million years thought I would ever win one of these races. It just made my day!

I called the organization to see about getting my trophy. I wanted my trophy. Now I know how Evan must feel when he wins his races! The man said he would leave the trophy at the front desk.

I picked it up after school.

One of the best parts about this was telling Evan. I found him at recess and told him I won third place and get a trophy just like him. He smiled and jumped into my arms for a huge hug!

Talk about having and keeping my motivation!

This little beauty is on display on top of the tv. The kids in my class want me to bring it to school!

The only thing "cooler" than this would have been if I had actually stayed for the award ceremony on Saturday morning. We left because I never win.

My official time for the two miles was 24:25. Not bad for just getting back into this!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great weekend, great run, great distance

Distance: 2.22 miles (I love that it is all 2's!)
Time: 30 min.

We had such a fun family weekend. Yesterday besides the race, basketball game and soccer game, we also played a family game of Wii, took a family nap, and had a really nice dinner together at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Today we lounged all morning, went to Costco and Fresh N Easy for groceries, and then came home for some physical activity.

By the time we got home from shopping, it was a bit after 4. I asked Eric if he thought I'd make it for a run before it gets dark. (I don't run in the dark because I am a big chicken.) He suggested that he and the boys ride their bikes with me while I did my run!

I was super excited about that, so I changed my clothes lickety split and we headed off. The 3-year-old did semi-okay at staying out of the middle of the road. Luckily we live in a fairly low-key neighborhood. Not many people were out and about at 4:30 on a freezing cold Sunday.

I LOVED that the whole family was getting exercise together! It made my day. And even with having to hop out of Child #2's way when he would veer into me, I still managed to run 20 minutes, keeping at an 11:55 pace! Yay me!

Today's run was the first one since I started up again where I felt strong! I wasn't talking myself into "just one more minute." I just ran. Sure, I got tired, but I knew I was going to make it the full 20 minutes. These good runs sure help make the bad ones more bearable.

Once we got home, Husband prepared a new recipe from the Weight Watchers website. Broccoli Beef stir fry. Yum!

This entire plate of food was only 5 points! For those who don't know WW points, that is an extremely good value for the amount of food on my plate.

I don't like broccoli, so I threw that back in the wok and threw some red and green peppers into the mix. So good!

Just a great family weekend. Love these days.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two Miles!

Distance: 2.04 miles
Time: We'll say 24:30 min. I forgot to stop my watch!

This morning was the two mile race that I signed up for on Thursday. It was great! After watching my 6-year-old place first in his race and watching my 3-year-old have a blast in his race, I headed to my start line.

My coworker (the music teacher at my school) found me, and we ended up running the whole two miles together.

My goal was to run for at least 20 minutes and then run/walk to the finish. Having Elaine run with me made it easier to focus on something other than my huffing and puffing! She chattered, and I gasped out sentences!

Once we hit 20 minutes (about 1.6 miles), I figured I could finish the whole two miles without walking. I did it! Yay me!

I really enjoy the atmosphere of a race. It's just fun.

I don't think we got any photos of me, so I'll post one of my little people.

The boys just before their races. I love making running a family event.

By the way, I am going to live vicariously through Child #1. He placed first in his race and got an awesome trophy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Distance: 2.109 miles
Time: 31 min.

I signed up for a race at the last minute today. I'm going to do a 2-mile run on Saturday morning. I'm not ready to run two miles, but that's okay. I'll run/walk until I finish. No big deal!

I figure my "training" plan calls for a 20 minute run anyhow, so I may as well sign up for a race and enjoy the atmosphere. I really love races. They are just fun and festive. And right now they are cold!

I also signed up both kids. This will be Hudson's first race! Right now he is excited, but on race day, he might decide to hide behind my leg. We'll see how it goes. Evan is an old pro at age 6!

My run tonight went well. I always get anxious as the time lengths for runs increase. I went from five minute runs on Tuesday to two 8-minute runs tonight. I didn't slow my pace even when I wanted to fall off the treadmill! Yay me! Gotta pat myself on the back when I can!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Slow and Steady

Me again.

I am pleased to report that I lost another pound this week! That brings me to a total of 13 pounds lost.

Tonight's WW topic was about tracking and working at this slow and steady. I've got the tracking thing down. I was meticulous tracking my food while on vacation. I think that is why I continued to lose even through Christmas and New Year's.

The slow and steady is something I have to remind myself of...whether it be weight loss or running...or anything. Our leader gave us the best perspective tonight. If I lose one pound a week, by Valentine's Day, I'll be down six pounds. I'd be down 11 pounds by St. Patrick's Day. And so on throughout the year.

Weight didn't pile on overnight, and it is not going to come off overnight.

Slow and steady. I've got time.

I also did my elliptical workout tonight. I did it on Monday as well. Tomorrow is the last day in my workout week. Friday is my rest day before I am scheduled to run for 20 minutes on Saturday. That first 20-minute run is always so daunting.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Liking Me Again

Distance: 2.074 miles
Time: 31 min.

This post has two parts. One where I like myself, and one where I am frustrated for comparing myself to someone else.

I like this picture! For once, I like a picture of myself! I can't even tell you how long it's been since I liked a stinkin' picture of myself.

I'm not sure what's up with my little smirk!

I hated every Christmas picture of myself this year. I've also been growing my bangs out since last year, and I'm still pretty self-conscious about them.

But Monday it all came together with feeling good, decent hair, and happy smile. (It's really weird to take a photo of myself. I feel like a big goofball doing it!)

And now for the part where I compare myself to others.

There is a teacher at my school who is young, beautiful and is one of my favorite people on Earth. She casually mentioned to me that she was proud of herself because she ran four miles yesterday on the treadmill at a 6.0 speed. I just about spit out my salad listening to her.

I knew she sometimes ran in the past, but I didn't realize that she's been building up to running again. She said she's been running since before Thanksgiving.

Ugh!!!!! Gahhhhh!!!!! I feel like I can run for the next four MONTHS and not be able to run four miles. I am smack in the middle of running for five minutes at a 5.1 speed, and it makes me want to gasp for breath and die.

I start to get irritated with myself. I start to beat myself up about what I can't do. But I stopped that line of thinking pretty quickly.

Hey, I'm just me, running as fast as my little chubby legs will carry me. It's okay if I can only run for five minutes right now. It's more than I was running a month ago. I'm quite proud of my five-minute stretches.

Doesn't mean I don't envy my coworker, though!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Easy Run

Distance: 1.966 miles
Time: 31 min.

I wasn't intending to do an easy run today. I was intending to do a hard (for me) run. However, once I got on the treadmill, I just didn't feel like I had the energy to run for three and five minute stretches.

I ran a three minute stretch...walked...then started to run a five minute stretch. That turned into two. From there out, I ran a minute and walked a minute. I ended up with 12 minutes of running altogether.

Was it what I planned? Nope. Am I pleased that I still did something? Yep. Will I get stronger? Yep. Eventually. Could I have done the five minute stretches? Probably, but I just wasn't feeling it today.

In other words, I am trying to be a little more forgiving of myself. I am trying to say, "Hey Self. Good job for getting on the treadmill when what you really wanted to do was stay in those new polka dot pajamas. So what if you aren't running for super long stretches yet. You moved your butt. It's good."

So, that is what I said to myself.

Now I am trying to convince myself to do my arm, leg and abs routine. Not sure if that is going to happen though. I still have lesson plans to finish. Curses. I knew two weeks ago that I should have done my lesson plans then. Why oh why do I wait til the last minute and end up feeling awful about them not being done? Stop procrastinating. There's a New Year's goal.

I didn't take any photos today, but Husband is moving all of our photos over to a Picassa website. I thought it would be fun to randomly post old pictures. Fun for me, anyhow! This one is of Hudson when he turned one. (He's now three.) I don't remember him looking so little. It's hard to believe how much they change and grow over two years.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year/Happy Birthday Mom!

Distance: 2.32 miles
Time: 32 min.

Last night was the first time in a long time that we actually stayed up to midnight to see in the new year. Usually we watch the East Coast feed and call it good. However, the 6-year-old really wanted to see the ball drop. He fell asleep at 11:30.

In any case, we stayed up and kissed in the new year and cheered with apple cider. Then I slept in until 10! Wow! Thank you, Honey for herding the kids into the family room so I could stay asleep! It is going to be so stinking hard to get back to reality on Monday. And by reality, I mean waking up at 5:45. Ugh.

Today is my mom's 66th birthday, so we were planning to meet at a Japanese restaurant for her birthday lunch. I wanted to get my run in before we left. There was a slight break in the rain, so I decided to head outdoors for the run.

Felt pretty good. Love the new shoes. I accidentally ran for 30 seconds longer than planned. Weird.

After meeting up and having a great lunch, my kiddos convinced Grandma that they should spend the night at her house! Yes! So, we are sans kids for the evening. Pretty good day!

Me and Husband enjoying lunch with my mom and family.

My mom with the gift we got her...a mousepad with a picture of her and her grandsons. Awwww!

P.S. I am having issues with changing the look of my blog. I sort of like the new background, but I can't figure out how to change font colors, title color, etc. I already spent enough time working on it today. I'll try to fix it another time.