Friday, December 31, 2010

Last run of the year...success!

Distance: 2.134 miles
Time: 31:30 min.

I am so excited because I bought new shoes today! I went to the official running store, had an associate look at how I walk, and he recommended various shoes based on my supination. Apparently I land on the outside of my foot when I move. Hmmm, who knew?

I love them! They are Asics Gel Nimbus 12's. So pretty. It was really neat having someone help me who knew what they were doing, as opposed to standing in an aisle at Sports Authority in a clueless haze.

Husband and I shopped for a good portion of the day, so I didn't get my run done until 4 in the afternoon. I opted to use the treadmill.

I am pleased to say I conquered the run that turned me into a nasty witch on Tuesday. The five minute stretches were tough, but I made it without walking. Yay me!

My family is playing a new Wii game. I must go join them.

Goals for the year? Keep doing what I am doing. And stretch more. I really need to focus on that!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Better Mood

I felt better today. I got my elliptical workout in pretty early. I finished watching When Harry Met Sally while I worked out.

I took Child #2 to the doctor because his cough is getting worse. He sounds like a little barking seal. He'll be on nebulizer treatments for the next three weeks. Poor baby. Poor Mommy.

Husband and I went to our Weight Watcher meeting. I lost 1.2 pounds for a total of 12 pounds! I wasn't expecting much tonight. Granted, even with holiday eating, I stayed within my points, but I wasn't eating very good food. When I'm working and on a schedule, I eat my fruits and vegetables, but on vacation, not so much.

I wouldn't have been surprised if I gained. I figured with beef stick, apple pie, cheesecake, McDonald's, Carl's Jr, pizza, meatballs and candy over the past week, there was no way I'd see a loss. The two things that must have worked were portion control and exercise.

I was a little freakish on Christmas Eve at my mom's house. I took my food scale and weighed everything I ate! I didn't do that on Christmas Day at the in-laws, but I was pretty careful about my choices. I also made sure to track every morsel that went in my mouth.

Needless to say, I'm pretty happy about my progress. I'm not making any resolutions this year. I basically have two goals to work on: health and finances. I'm already on the right path to continue with health. Husband and I need to sit down again to discuss finances.

I'll narrow down precisely what I'd like to see happen for 2011 in the next few days.

Funny tidbit: at the WW meeting tonight, the leader said that on average, people only keep their resolutions for 17 days. I've already been working on losing weight and running for longer than 17 days, so I'm pleased to get a jump start on the continued goals.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Funky Run

I ran today, but I don't know how long or how far. I was cruising (and huffing and puffing) along on the treadmill when things got messed up. I got a phone call, it distracted me, I got mad at Child #1 for not answering the house phone, I flipped my cell phone off the treadmill bar, it caught on the treadmill key, and the whole thing came to a grinding halt.

I was needlessly mad. I reacted poorly. I yelled. I'm ashamed.

I got back on the treadmill and finished from where I thought I was in the workout. I had a tough time running for five minutes straight. I can handle three, but five was tough.

I didn't feel so great after today's workout. Hopefully tomorrow's elliptical workout will feel better. And then hopefully Thursday's run will feel even better than that. Hopefully I'll be able to run outside, and I'll be able to run for five minutes without wanting to die.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Rested Yesterday, Ran Today

Distance: 2.171 miles
Time: 34 min.

Well, I ended up remaining in my pj's last night and did not run. I am okay with that. I just wasn't feeling very good. I'm glad I didn't "push" through it.

This morning I took Child #2 to daycare, and Child #1 stayed home with me. We did a lot of cleaning, snuggling, and laughing. It's been a while since he and I have had a day to ourselves.

I finally got on the treadmill in the late afternoon. I watched When Harry Met Sally while I ran. I felt surprisingly good! I figured it was going to be hard to breathe with my cold, but I felt strong and rested. The run also gave me a burst of energy to get through the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I love it when a workout makes me feel that way.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am supposed to run today. Daylight is gone, so if I do run, it will be on the treadmill.

I have a few things keeping me from actually getting on the treadmill. I'm tired, and I have a cold. It's starting to settle into my chest. I'm afraid running will aggravate it.

However, I know I'd feel better about getting exercise once I am done. But I'm in my new fuzzy pajamas which I ADORE, and I don't really want to take them off. Running in fuzzy fleece won't work.

Whether or not I run tonight, I am vowing that I won't quit. I'm too excited about the progress I am making to quit. I just hate it when my routine gets messed up...whether it's my fault or not.

In other news, my dear sweet husband got me a Nook for Christmas, and I LOVE it. Fuzzy pajamas and a Nook. What could be better? I finished reading Water For Elephants about an hour ago. Loved it. I already downloaded another book, but I can't remember what it is called. Short term memory loss? Probably.

Still debating about that run. We'll see what happens in the next hour or so.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Distance: 2.36 miles early morning run
Time: 34 min.

Three of the four boys lounging near my mom's Christmas Tree.

Christmas Eve has always been a pretty big deal for us. I've always loved the fact that we start the celebration a day early. Looking back, I think I treasured Christmas Eve even more than Christmas Day.

We always dressed up for church, and then came home to open gifts from each other. It is a tradition in my family to open the presents one by one. This draws out the fun as well as allows us to really appreciate what we got from one another.

Even as my sister and I have grown up, gotten married, and had families of our own, we still spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family.

We got to my mom's today at around noon, and we've spent the day laughing, eating, talking, and playing games. We'll head to church at 6:30, come back here and change into pj's, and then open presents from each other.

The first few years I was married, it was so hard for me to leave my parents' home at 11 p.m. to go home to my own house. Something about Christmas always makes me feel like a little kid again, so why would I leave my mom's house?!

But now I am the mom getting Christmas ready for her two little kiddos.

We will wake up in our own home tomorrow to see what Santa brought. Then we'll travel to Bakersfield to be with Husband's side of the family. It still feels a little weird not to be with my own family on Christmas Day, but at least our Christmas Eve traditions are preserved.

Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Distance: 2.41 miles
Time: 34 min.

Today is the first day in a week that we have seen the sun...and it is glorious! Kids are at daycare, sun is shining, and I was able and wanting to go outside for my run. Love it!

I was quite pleased with some of my times. During my running portions, I managed to stay under the 12 minute/mile mark. Well under. I would love to go faster, but I must remind myself I am just at the end of Week 3. Give it time. Give it many months!

Husband is home today. He finished clearing our tree off the front yard, and I helped a little. I am baking my bread. I need to finish purchasing stocking stuffers. I need to get my nails done. I need to finish wrapping three presents.

Husband and I are possibly going to go have lunch. I could do lunch everyday. It is one of my favorite things to do, especially with him. That's why summer vacations are dangerous for me...I have lots of time to have lunch with friends!

I plan to run again tomorrow morning. I'll take Christmas Day off.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Husband and I went to our weekly Weight Watcher meeting tonight. We weighed in last week, but didn't get to stay for the meeting because of a pesky little school-wide Christmas play that I was directing. I was looking forward to our meeting all day. The leader, Annie, is a hoot!

I lost 2.8 pounds! That brings my grand total to 10.8 pounds lost in three weeks! Yahooooooo! I hit my 5% loss and got a nifty giant star sticker in my booklet. It's funny how much I love that sticker!

I am hoping to increase my fruits and vegetables intake for Christmas week.

This morning I did 34 minutes on the elliptical. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and refereeing the two nuts. Rainy days are making us all a little cranky.

I took the boys to the doctor at 2:30 because they are both coughing and have stuffy noses. Luckily it's just a cold. They were tested for strep, but it was negative. I'm trying to avoid their germs, but that's not easy when they are always on me, touching me, near me and slobbering on me. I'm hoping eating better and exercising more will help keep the germs at bay.

This is what these two yahoos were doing this morning during a 20-minute break from the rain.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inside Out

Distance: 2.172 miles
Time: 34 min.

The boys are home with me this morning. As long as the boys aren't bickering, I love these kinds of mornings!

We snuggled in my bed while watching cartoons. I bribed the boys with Fruit Loops and Egg Nog so I could get my run done on the treadmill without having to stop and referee a fight. We all took a bath. (Someday I'm sure I'll be able to bathe alone...but for now when the two monkeys hear the bath water, they come running with their clothes flying.)

In no hurry to get dressed.

Now I'm doing a little web surfing in my bathrobe and towel, Hudson is using his brother's toothbrush to brush his teeth, and Evan is probably watching tv. We have some errands that we are going to run in a bit. Haircuts and shopping.

Oh, and the toothbrush? Husband forgot the rule that Santa always brings a new toothbrush to the kids in their stocking and allowed Child #1 to get a fancy battery spinner-type brush a few weeks ago. Of course, Child #2 is fascinated with it. And yes, I'm closing me eyes to the fact that the kid is using his brother's brush. Believe me, they share more than toothbrush germs, so I'm not too worried.

I just received a super sloppy kiss from a little naked boy. And he is climbing on my desk and chair as I try to type. Good thing he's cute.

This kid is always in the way. He just has so much to say and do. Busy busy busy boy.

My final random thought for the morning is that it is irritating when you put your contact in your eye inside out. When the contacts are in properly, you can't feel them at all. Well, I could feel the right one, and it was freaking me out. I took it out and didn't see any lint, so I put it back in. Still felt weird. I took it out again, flipped it inside out and realized that was the problem. All better now.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Day

34 minutes on elliptical - I wish my elliptical gave a mileage. I would love to know how far I've traveled. It gives a distance, but I can't figure out what kind of a distance. It doesn't even correspond to when my feet press down, so I'm not sure what kind of distance it is. Is it steps, is it feet, is it inches? I don't know.

Today was my day. And I spent it cleaning the house. Both boys got sent to daycare so I could work my way through the house with little interruption. I think they prefer to go to Linda's. They get to play with friends there. Mom is not nearly as appealing.

I did massive amounts of laundry, cleaned and organized, listened to Christmas music at very high volumes, and worked out on the elliptical while watching The Bounty Hunter. I also colored my hair and did grocery shopping before picking up the kids. I wanted to get my nails done, but I couldn't quite fit that in today.

There is still much cleaning and organizing to be done, but the house looks way better than it did yesterday. I want to clean the boys' room and playroom tomorrow. We need to make way for new presents that Santa is sure to bring!

We also need to finish up a little bit of Christmas shopping for Dad. I wish it would stop raining. At least the tree is still standing.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Distance: 1.921 miles
Time: 30 min.

We woke up this morning to very wet and windy weather. I didn't mind not being able to run outside because I wanted to finish watching When In Rome. Cute movie.

I have been running in 90 second intervals. Today, however, for my long run I decided to run for 1/4 mile intervals at a 5.1 mph pace. Then I walked for 1/10 of a mile at a 3.0 mph pace. I made it through three of the running intervals before I gave in to lack of air and fatigue. I just couldn't maintain the pace for almost three minutes.

At first I was really disappointed with myself. Then I had to remind myself I've only been back in the running game for two weeks. I'll be starting week three on Tuesday. I need to give myself time to build up again. I should enjoy the "easy" runs while I can, because they will increase in duration before I know it!

After exercising, we met my mom and sister to pick up the kids. By the way, we had a gloriously quiet morning together. Husband even wrapped all the presents because he knows I hate doing the wrapping. I didn't once have to pour someone else's milk, watch cartoons, or break up an argument!

My mom and sister wanted In N Out Burger, but I wasn't willing to spend the WW points on a treat like that, especially after my great meal last night. I ended up not eating lunch which isn't good.

When we got home, we had to get to work cutting down our wonderful and fabulous climbing tree on the side of the house. With all the wet weather we've been having, our back fence fell down again and our tree starting leaning towards the house. Not good.

You can see the bump of soil near the base of the tree where the roots are starting to come up.

A little too close to the house for my liking.

Poor little bare tree.

We'll probably cut the rest down as well. No more great climbing tree for the kids. Sad day.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Date Night

My mom and sister took the boys home for a slumber party after we all saw Yogi Bear. It was a cute movie. Better than yesterday's flick.

The boys getting ready for the movie.

Husband and I did whirlwind Christmas shopping while we had the chance. I was on a mission to finish! Done but for stocking stuffers. Phew. Oh, and the boys and I will get Eric something this week, but I couldn't do that tonight with him with me.

We ate at Cool Hand Luke's, and I feel really good about my food choices. I am being a little bit obsessive right now, but it's okay. I'll settle into the WW program.

I had a 7 oz. sirloin and ate probably four ounces of it. I ordered rice pilaf and separated it into what looked to be about a 1/2 cup portion. I ordered salad with ranch on the side. I dipped corners of lettuce into it and probably used about a tablespoon's worth of dressing. I enjoyed a scrumptious sourdough roll with a smear of butter. I'm not even a huge bread fan, but these rolls are so delicious! I also had probably five bites of the ranch beans and enjoyed them so much.

I calculated everything I ate and still stayed under my points target for today! I am quite proud. I don't feel deprived. How could I when I ate steak, rice, roll, salad and beans? I didn't leave feeling so full that I could hardly move. That never feels good. I also didn't have my stomach rebel on me while we were out shopping. That is huge for me.

It's reassuring to know I can enjoy dinner out without feeling like I'm a diet freak or have to be severely restrictive.

I'm not counting them as activity points, but we also walked and walked and walked while shopping. Probably burned off the five bites of beans at the very least!

Tomorrow morning I need to deal with wrapping and hiding of the presents.

And while the kids are at Grandma's, they did some of the following things:

Played with cousins.

Made a giant cookie.

And got an early Christmas present from Grandma. My two stinkers are the little ones in the middle.

When In Rome

Distance: 1.992 miles
Time: 32:30 min.

When In Rome is the movie I started watching on my phone while I did my run this morning. I'll go back to Benjamin Button some other time. After yesterday's boredom at the theater, I was really hoping for a romantic comedy that would lift my spirits. So far so good with Rome. It certainly doesn't hurt that Josh Duhamel is in the movie.

I felt WEAK while running this morning. I attribute that to the fact that I didn't eat a whole lot yesterday, and I didn't eat anything before running this morning. Now I'm scarfing on an apple and Fiber One bar. Maybe someday soon I'll start trying to make myself breakfast rather than try to unwrap breakfast.

I am looking forward to the rest of the day.

The boys and I are meeting my mom, sister and nephews to go see Yogi Bear at the movies. Then I'm handing the kids off to my mom and sister who will take them home for a cousin slumber party. Then Husband and I get the rest of the day and night to ourselves!!! Yay!!!

We plan to do some whirlwind Christmas shopping and enjoy a nice dinner out. We may even go to church in the morning and actually be able to listen to what the priest is saying! I swear, I haven't been able to really pay attention in church for over six years. I'm either dealing with my own two boys or I'm dealing with school kids on Friday Mass day. I am willing to bet all I own that if just Husband and I go to Mass, I won't have to scold him even once for talking too loud or touching someone or standing on the pew! I bet he'll behave just fine!

Can't wait for tomorrow's run so I can watch more of When In Rome. I'm going to save my little Netflix movies as an incentive and motivation to get my butt moving.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Early and Late

Distance: 1.992 miles
Time: 32:30 min.

I was able to sleep in until 6 a.m. today! It was glorious not to be woken up by a blaring alarm clock. I didn't need to be at Mass until 8:45, so I threw caution to the wind and risked waking up the 3-year-old by running on my treadmill this morning.

I actually really enjoyed my workout. A few days ago I noticed that the Netflix app was on my iPhone. When I asked Husband about it, he said it was so I could watch movies if I wanted. Gee, what a concept!

I figured I'd try it this morning. Much to my non-techie self surprise, I was able to log in (thank goodness Husband keeps the same passwords for things) and watch Benjamin Button while I ran. I've never had a run feel so quick! I just might need to avoid running outside from now on!

In any case, I want to run more because I want to see the rest of the movie. Plus, we are supposed to have buckets of rain all week long. I'm not hardcore enough of a runner to run in the rain.

Got in a good workout, but then I was late to Mass. I was so embarrassed. Luckily I only missed the first two minutes, and I slipped in next to the fourth grade teacher. Other teachers were later than me!

We had a really nice retreat. The priest led us in a great talk about Joseph. All the attention usually goes to Mary, so it was a nice change in perspective.

I wasn't about to pick up the kids until I had to! I went and saw How Do You Know? with Reese Witherspoon.

Now, I am a sucker for a romantic comedy, and I enjoy just about any movie, but I was thoroughly bored. I never get bored at a movie, but I seriously didn't care one way or the other how it ended, and then once it did end, the way they did it SUCKED. I should have gone to see The Fighter.

I really need to get my camera charged so I can post pictures of my super exciting life. For some reason my phone isn't loading photos to the computer without freezing everything up.

Vacation. I am so happy to be on vacation.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lost 8!

Time: 32:30 min. on elliptical

I am so excited! I weighed in at WW today and am down 3.8 for the week and 8 pounds total! I lost 8 pounds in two weeks! I fully don't expect to keep losing at this rate, but it sure feels good to see high numbers to begin this journey.

I am also pretty proud of myself tonight because I came home from directing our school's Christmas play and still got on the elliptical for a pretty good workout if I do say so myself.

I can barely contain my excitement because tomorrow is our last day of school before vacation, AND it is a half day! Yay! And I declared it to be a free dress day! Double yay!

I have got to go throw a load of laundry in the washer so my one hard core workout bra is clean for tomorrow. I'll be able to run outside in the afternoon while Child #1 follows me on his bike. Can I hear another cheer for half days?!

Maybe I'll finally have time to shop, wrap presents, and get Christmas cards sent.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Distance: 1.992 miles
Time: 32:30 min.

My run felt a little tiring tonight, but good. It was a treadmill run. I'm just glad I was working out because I got sick last night and threw up dinner. Not good. I skipped my elliptical workout and went to bed at 8. Luckily I woke up feeling much better. Just a little weak and tired. Strange.

I'm not proud of myself today. Well, I am, but that's not the reason for the title. I am proud of Husband. When I got on the treadmill, he worked out his arms on our Bowflex which I don't think we've touched since we bought it used over a year ago. It was great having him in the room with me. I love seeing him exercise!

Weigh-in tomorrow. Looking forward to the meeting.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Distance: 2.19 miles
Time: 34:22 min.

Today was one of those days where I should have gotten my run out of the way early in the morning, because as the day stretched into the afternoon, I was less and less motivated to go out and run. However, at around two, I changed into my workout clothes and headed out.

It felt good to be out, but my run sort of sucked.

Figures since I had such a good run (in my opinion anyhow!) the day before.

I also did 10 minutes of abs and 10 minutes of arms.

Not much else to talk about. I am anxious to see how I did weight-wise this week. I'm going to fit my meeting in before going to the Christmas play on Wednesday night. At the very least I'll weigh in. But I'd like to stay for the meeting. They are fun.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two Runs

Distance: 1.864 miles
Time: 31 min.

Distance: 2.02 miles
Time: 31 min.
Avg. Pace: 15:20/mile

Friday's run was on the treadmill. I was determined to squeeze it in before we headed to a football game last night. I felt pretty tired last night trying to run. I also had not had much to eat all day. Just one of those days going from one crisis to the next.

Fast forward to this morning. I ran outside and felt great! I was able to get two of my run segments into the 9/min mile range! Wow! And only one of my nine run segments was in the 11/min mile. The rest were in the 10's. I just felt strong this morning.

I love that!

Workout is done for today. We have a lot to do today, so I must go.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I lost 4.2 pounds over the past week! Husband and I are back at Weight Watchers. I am loving their new overhauled plan. It makes so much more sense.

I managed to lose weight AND do the following things: eat at Wendy's not once, but twice - and one of those times I had a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger with cheese and mayo; eat at Olive Garden (soup, salad, one breadstick), eat a Mexican lunch delivered by wonderful moms at school, and eat all the fruit I wanted to eat.

One of the reasons I have always loved WW is for the fact that nothing is off limits. It teaches you to mindfully eat. Sometimes I get irritated that I have to "mindfully" eat, but then I have to realize I wouldn't be in this situation if I'd have paid attention to the food going in.

Anyhow, I was super excited to have such a big loss at my first weigh-in. Talk about great motivation!

I also didn't let excuses get in the way, and I exercised every day this week. Last night was 31 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes of arm weights.

Besides being tired, I'm feeling pretty good this morning!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inside vs. Outside

Distance: 1.863
Time: 31 min.
Running segment pace: 5.1 mph

I ran on the treadmill tonight. I must have been tired because I felt like it was such an effort the entire time. The exercise felt good, but it was just an effort.

That got me thinking about a trend I have noticed. When I run outside, I tend to average about 11:30 miles. However, I can set the treadmill to run 12 minutes miles, and I feel like I am dying! Why is that? I have two theories.

1. The treadmill is boring. Mine isn't even set up near my tv. I have my music and my Christmas decorations to gaze upon while I huff and puff. The boredom must make my effort feel exaggerated.

2. When I'm outside, my 11:30 pace is an average. Therefore, I can slow down or speed up according to what my body is able to do. On the treadmill, I just run at that one pace. My body isn't really used to doing that.

Those are the thoughts I had tonight as I logged my mile point eight.

Not even going to attempt to upload a photo tonight. Don't have it in me.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Elliptical 30 minutes

Sometimes I hate having to name blog posts. I don't want to sound too cliche or corny, but I also want to convey the "feeling" for the day! Well, today's feeling was "Monday."

It was just a long day. Getting back into the working/teaching groove can sometimes be challenging.

My class led a prayer service this morning for the founder of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Blessed Carmen Salles. Since our school is a Sisters of the Immaculate Conception school, this is a pretty important day. It was a beautiful prayer service.

Then it was a 1/2 day followed by a two hour staff meeting. As soon as the meeting was done, however, I grabbed Child #1 and zipped home to get his homework done. He cooperated with me because I told him if he messed around, we'd go get his brother, and then he'd have to do his homework amidst the chaos that is Hudson.

While Evan finished his homework, I cleaned the kitchen from yesterday and started some laundry. We picked up the Little Child and headed home to make dinner.

Baths, dinner, snuggle time. Then I had to spend an hour working on time cards for payroll. Ugh.

I so badly wanted to say forget working out. But once I use excuses for one night, I can justify them any other night. Even though it was after 8 p.m, I got my workout clothes on and got on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

I'm just about ready for bed, but popcorn sounds like a good snack first! Either that or a hot bath. I'm cold.

I was going to post a gross sweaty picture of me, but I couldn't get it to download to my computer. Stupid thing. The computer, not the phone.

Maybe another day.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Distance: 1.97 miles
Time: 30 min.
Avg. Pace: 15:14/mile (includes walk breaks)

You know that Rate of Perceived Exertion? I think it's crap. And the reason I think it's crap is because whenever I run, I exert myself for 30 seconds and think that is about all I can do.

I tried this method earlier today. I want Sunday to be my "long" run day. Rather than following any prescribed times, I decided to just run until I felt tired. The first "run" lasted two minutes. Then it went downhill from there. I just don't trust my body to be able to keep going according to how I feel. I feel tired. I feel like I want to stop. I feel like crap...just like the whole exertion thing.

After about two rounds of running and walking, I realized that plan was not for me. So I decided alternating between running a 1/10 of a mile and walking half that distance. I was definitely getting more and more tired by the end of this pattern, but I kept going, because I told myself, "I can do anything for 1/10 of a mile."

I ended up running for 12 minutes and walking 18. Doesn't sound like much. However, it's up from running 9 and walking 22. I must remember this is a process.

One last note for today. It started raining, so I jumped on the treadmill. Less than five minutes into my run, the kids were making me furious getting into things, playing the piano, bugging me, etc. I jumped off the treadmill and told Husband I would rather deal with rain than with those two crazy boys for the next 30 minutes. I run/exercise to de-stress, not get more agitated than before! Sure enough, I came back feeling much better, and luckily the weather held out pretty well. Only minor sprinkles.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Week

Distance: 2.44 miles
Time: 39 min.

My mileage ended up being a bit more than I intended this morning due to a bathroom emergency. I was three minutes into my warm up walk when IT hit. And you know what I mean when I say IT. Cripes.

I considered trying to ignore it, but since I was only three minutes from home, I figured I might as well turn around, walk home, use the bathroom, and then get my run in. So that's what I did.

It worked out well. I felt fairly strong during my run Part 2. I know I would have been miserable if I'd kept going.

I also worked out my arms this morning. Husband is putting up the Christmas lights. The boys were outside riding bikes and kicking a soccer ball. I grabbed my 5 pound weights and did various arm exercises outside.

I have to say, it's been a nice morning.