Friday, January 29, 2010

No Energy

Running Log:
3.124 miles - 45 min.

I just have no energy today...or this week for that matter. Today was the last day of Catholic Schools Week. We had a lot of dress up days and festivities that made me feel wiped out. My runs were just so-so this week. And I'm already looking at the busy weekend ahead.

However, with all that said, I managed to get all my runs in this week. I skipped Tuesday, but I made up for it with today's run. I'll definitely get good runs in on Saturday and Sunday because I want to finish up strong for the month.

I'm just feeling droopy. I've been fighting a half-hearted sore throat since Tuesday. I truly believe that running has kept me healthier than I have ever been. Even this little pesky throat thing isn't really that bad. It's just bothersome.

Tonight we are off to Evan's soccer party. Don't get me started on the fact that soccer season ended BEFORE THANKSGIVING! Just give the kid the trophy already. Okay. Venting over. Time to get the littlest Forcey.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Running Log:
3.6 miles - 49:32 min.

Today's run was rough. Really rough. I wanted to be sure to get my run done before heading to the Talent Show at school.

I hopped on the treadmill and ran for 11 minutes. Then I remembered that I wanted to call for information about two upcoming races. If I waited until I was done with my run, it would have been after 5. So I paused the treadmill and ran to make a quick call.

Got back on the treadmill. Ran for a bit, and then heard the phone ring. I told Evan to answer it. He did, but then I didn't hear anything else. I had to start yelling for Evan to come and tell me who it was and what they wanted. It was Eric calling to say he was on his way home. During this exchange I slowed the treadmill to a walk.

I asked Evan to get me my cell phone and realized it was 5. I had to pause the treadmill again to go get Hudson from daycare. I didn't know if my numbers would still be there when I got back, but I knew I had gone 2.5 miles at that point.

Ran to get Hudson, got back in the house, and finished up the last 1.1 miles of my workout. Rough, I tell ya. It just wasn't the run I had envisioned all day. I was so irritated with the interruptions and pauses that I was near tears at the end. Silly, but I just wanted to finish strong, and that wasn't happening.

Got my 3.6 done, took a fast shower, ate a fast dinner, and went to the Talent Show. There is some pretty good talent at my school! The 8th graders did the last act. It was a skit of American Idol. They had various students singing about the other teachers. One boy sang a song about me called, "The Junior High Blues." It was all about how I wanted to leave junior high and go back down to teach 3rd grade where I was before. (I don't want to do that...I love teaching junior high...but the song was hilarious!)

Yet another late night for the kids getting into bed. And now I need to put myself to bed. One more day of Catholic Schools Week. It's fun, but it needs to be done. I am helping with the Spelling Bee on Saturday, we have a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, and then maybe I can collapse.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleep is Important, Too

Running Log:
3.238 miles - 45 min.

We had a late night last night. I fully intended to come home and run. I even put my running clothes on. However, I just wasn't in the mood to run. I was in the mood to sleep.

I was just really tired, my throat was starting to hurt, and I felt weary. I figured I would truly benefit from a full 8 hours of sleep, and I was right. I was asleep before 9:45, and I felt so much better this morning.

As much as I hated missing my run, sometimes I need to listen to my body. I'll make up the run on Friday. I don't want to skip any days that are not a normal rest day because my mileage for January will be a bit shy of where I need it to be to reach 1,000 miles. I'm not worried, but I need to keep on track with my goals.

I came home and ran today. A good night's sleep made me feel much better all around.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Running Log:
3.109 miles - 45 min.

I am still feeling pretty proud of myself for the 4 miles I ran yesterday. There is a part of me that wants to tell everyone that I see, and then there is a part of me that keeps it to myself because people don't always understand.

When I tell people at work that I ran 4 miles, they smile and give me congrats, but I can tell or they actually say something to the effect that they think running is crazy. Hey, I used to be one of those people who thought running was crazy. Sometimes I still do. But yesterday's run is what I am striving for. That feeling. That excitement of knowing I an conquering something hard. That high.

So, today I think I only told one person about my 4 miles. I really can't wait until I am able to tell people that I ran 10 miles, or 13.1, or 26.2. That will be pretty cool. Until then, I am pretty proud of my 4 on Sunday, my 3 today, and my 50-something for the month.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling Good!

Running Log:
4.57 miles

Mile splits:
1 - 11:48
2 - 11:20
3 - 11:24
4 - 11:36

Total time minus walking - 46:11
11:31/mi pace

I set out to run 4 miles today, and I did it! There were a few bumps along the way, but I feel so great that I managed to accomplish moving that far!

Evan went with me on his bike. He was the source of the few bumps, but it was okay. My times are not completely accurate because my watch has the auto stop feature, and it stopped timing when I stopped running. This happened more than once. Evan's shoelace got caught on his pedal, the wind was in his eyes, he was mad that we were only going get the idea.

However, the good thing about stopping is that I seemed to be able to pick up the pace pretty rapidly when I'd had a few moments to rest. I also reloaded my favorite workout songs on my ipod so I had only peppy happy songs to trot along to. The Dixie Chicks kept me moving at a 10:45 pace! Not too shabby!

I figured I'd better start upping my long runs in terms of mileage rather than time if I ever want to complete a 1/2 marathon. If I focus on the miles, the speed will eventually come. It was a good run. I told Eric that I must have runner's high right now because I am practically giddy. It all just came together today. This is the feeling I crave.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Week

Running Log:
3.124 miles - 45 min.

My interval run felt good tonight. I was tired at the end, but not winded and gasping for air. Strange as it may sound, I was doing math facts in my head to make the time go by faster. It's hard to multiply 16 times 13 in your head!

And why was I multiplying those specific numbers? Well, it is because in order to run the Disneyland 1/2 marathon, you have to maintain a 16 min per mile pace. I wanted to know how long the run would take if you ran it at that pace. Turns out it would take you 3 hours and 28 minutes. I didn't include the .1 mile. I can't do decimal math in my head! I know I can move faster than a 16 min. pace, but can I keep it up for 13 miles? I guess that is what training is for.

We have administered 4 doses out of 28 for Hudson's eyedrops. It is horrible to have to pin him down, pry open his eyes, and drop in the drops. It is a two-man job. He has started running from me when I get the dropper bottle. Poor Chicken.


Yesterday was my rest day, and I also got to spend a fun evening scrapbooking with my mom and a bunch of super fun ladies. We don't always get a lot of scrapbooking done, but we sure laugh and have a great time!

I was talking to my group about receiving my Garmin as an early Christmas present. I was also talking to them about the running related Bible verse that I want to have etched onto my Road ID bracelet. Another scrapper was working at a table behind us and hear the conversation.

She started asking me if I run, so I told her that yes, I have been running for about 5 months. She said to just keep at it. She told me she ran Boston a while back. I asked her if my 3 miles was ever going to get easier. Again, she said yes. Just keep at it!

For some reason, those few words helped tremendously! I am looking forward to my interval run later this afternoon.

On a sour note, my two-year-old woke up with an eye infection. Luckily, I got him into the doctor early this morning. He's now on antibiotics and eyedrops. Not the best way to start a Saturday morning, but at least he's on the mend. Poor little man.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

When will this get easier?

Running Log:
3.6 miles - 48:45 min.

I have been running for about five months now. I know I have made improvements, but I have to wonder when running 3 miles is going to get easier. Tonight I ran 3.1 miles at a 4.8 mph pace. And it was hard. I wanted to quit, but I didn't. I can't imagine much more sweat pouring out of my pores. But it does.

When is this going to get easier? When am I going to feel like running 3 miles is no big deal? Does that ever happen? It doesn't seem like a possibility for me. It seems like it is always going to be hard.

Don't get me wrong. After taking two days off last week, I was back on track this week. It was a good running week. I just wonder if it will ever feel easy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Running Log:
3.239 miles - 45 min.
Treadmill speeds 4.9-5.4

I have recently increased my mileage and my time spent running. Up until now, my "easy" days were Monday, Wednesday and Saturday when I would do a 30 minute interval run. I liked knowing that the workout was done in 30 minutes, and I would generally cover 2 miles between the walking intervals and running.

To help increase my miles to get to 1,000 by the end of 2010 and to help my endurance and speed, I recently upped my easy day to 45 minutes. This means that I am doing many more intervals.

For instance, today I did 9 three-minute intervals. Add a five minute warm up and cool down plus the minute walking breaks, and it equaled exactly 45 minutes. I started out at a speed of 4.9 and worked my way up to a maximum of 5.4. I know that isn't very fast, but it's pretty speedy for me.

The point is that I was really pushing towards the end of my run. I felt pretty great once I was done, but trying to run faster is hard. However, that is exactly why I am doing it. Because it's hard. Accomplishing something hard usually feels pretty great.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Got It Done

Running Log:
3.6 miles - 48:45 min.
Treadmill speed 4.8

So, after my grand plan of running this morning FAILED, I figured no problem, I'll just make it home by 4ish and get my run in this afternoon. I even told Evan about it because he likes having time to himself for tv or computer. He is getting selfish with his "me time!"

Yeah, that didn't happen either. We usually have Monday staff meetings, but since yesterday was a holiday, we had our staff meeting this afternoon. It lasted until 4:30. No afternoon run for me. That sort of threw a wrench into my plans.

Oh well, it happens. I sucked it up and started my run just after 8. It was a little tough but felt good. As always, I don't regret the runs I do...just the ones I don't. I like to think I'm getting stronger each and every day.

Yeah, Right

Did I really think I was going to rise at 4:50 a.m? Yeah, um, didn't happen. I even got up sometime in the night and reset my clock. Just couldn't do it this morning. Maybe tomorrow morning. But then again, maybe not.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Running Log:
3.109 miles - 45 min.
Treadmill intervals 4.9-5.4

I am going to give morning running a shot...starting tomorrow. We'll see how I feel about this plan when I am struggling to roll myself out of bed at 4:50 tomorrow morning.

It sounds like crazy talk, even to me, but I need to do something different. I am finding it easier and easier to make excuses as to why I can't run at night. Life is going to get busy again with all the spring activities that tend to pop up.

In different news, I really want to run the Disneyland Half Marathon on Labor Day weekend! I was checking out the website yesterday, and it looks so cool! That is plenty of time for me to train, and then I'd be ready for the Half Marathon here in Fresno two months later in November. It would also give me a chance to better my time when I run the Fresno race.

I just think it would be so neat to run part of a 1/2 through CA Adventure and Disneyland! I could handle high fiving Goofy along the way! It's a little pricey, but we'll see if we can work it into a little vacation for all of us. There's also a 200 m. dash for kids that Saturday morning.

Anyhow, those are some tentative plans. I feel like I could handle training for a half marathon as opposed to a full one. The highest mileage would get me to 10 or 12 miles depending on which training plan I choose to follow. That alone will take me over two hours. If I was doing marathon training, those long runs would take me four or five hours. I'm just not ready for that quite yet.

I like making plans. I like staying motivated. For the short term, let's see how motivated I am in the morning!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Running Log:
3.124 miles - 45 min.
Treadmill interval speeds of 4.9-5.3

I skipped any and all exercise for the past three days. My reasons aren't great. Tired, hip hurts, and more being tired. And one day I didn't work out because I knew that I'd be getting new shoes the next day, so I wanted to wait for my new shoes! That's the best excuse if I ever heard one!

Maybe I should try to become a morning runner so I can avoid the late night super tiredness. I don't know. It doesn't seem to be any easier to get up early. But I do like how I feel when I start my day off with exercise. Hmmm. I'll have to mull that one over. That means getting up before 5, however. Maybe it will make me more efficient in the morning. I'm giving it some serious thought. I need to get a mat to put under my treadmill to deaden some of the sound of running it on the laminate floor. If I am getting up that early to exercise, I certainly don't want the kiddos up and needing me at that time.

I did get my new shoes yesterday. I had my last ones for over four months. I am going to use these new puppies exclusively for running. I've never done that before! I always wear my workout shoes whenever and wherever I want. They felt pretty good. I am also hoping that a new shoe with new cushion will help with some of that hip pain.

See? Pretty! Please don't let the toys, books, and empty soap bottle distract you from the awesomeness of my new shoes!

I didn't do it this time, but next time I need new shoes, I want to go to the running store and have them measure my feet and analyze my run to make sure I am getting the right shoe for me. I'm a cheapskate, however, and it is hard for me to spend over $40 for shoes, much less over $100. Eric is the one who usually tells me to not worry about it. I need a good shoe. The ones I bought yesterday were somewhere between those two amounts!

I fully intended to go out for my long run today. But I didn't. I even got dressed in my outside gear. Then Evan ran in and told me it was raining. Call it vanity, but I didn't want my new shoes to be christened in the rain. I opted for the treadmill. A lot of people can't stand treadmills, but I find mine rather comforting. I am so glad I have it.

One last note for today. I'm not going to keep track of how many days I'm off soda anymore. I haven't had any soda, but it is irritating to keep track. Just makes me want one all the more. I promise if I fall off the wagon I'll report it here. I don't intend to, though. We went to lunch with my mom at a Mexican restaurant in my hometown where I ALWAYS get a flank steak quesadilla and a Pepsi. But I got water. The quesadilla was still great, but I really wanted that Pepsi.

That's all from me for today. I have tomorrow off, so I plan to get my run in early before hanging out with the boys for the day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back on Track

Day 19 No Soda

Running Log:
2.618 miles - 37:00 min.
Treadmill Interval speeds 4.9, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5
Arms and Legs 8 lb. 4 min. each

I took a much needed rest yesterday. My hip felt much better upon waking this morning.

Evan and I left school and came home for him to relax and me to run. I REALLY like getting my run in early like this. It leaves my late evening free to work, watch tv, or relax without worrying about having to run.

Cold cut sandwiches for dinner tonight. Easy and fast. That leaves plenty of time to surf my favorite blogs and watch American Idol. I got some good chuckles out of it last night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Day 18 No Soda

Running Log:

I was planning to run tonight. I even put on my workout clothes. Then I snuggled under the blanket with my husband and prepared to watch American Idol. That wasn't the reason I skipped my run, however. AI was being DVRed, and I could watch it any time.

The reason is because I think I need to give my hip a rest. I spent the entire day limping around school. Not fun. A fellow teacher even asked me what was wrong.

I felt terribly guilty for not running. Even worse than that, I am doing really well keeping up with where I need to be to achieve the 1,000 miles for this year. But I have to listen to my body every now and then. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 17 No Soda

Running Log:
2.6 miles - 38 min.
Treadmill speeds 4.9, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3

I felt out of sorts today. I had a great weekend, and it was just hard for me to get into the swing of things today. My schedule wasn't quite like it usually is on a Monday, so it just had me a bit out of whack.

I also didn't get to my run until 8:45 this evening. I love how I feel when I am done exercising, but it is hard to keep up the motivation when it is 8:45. This late start time was only partially within my control. But I did it. Eric was snug in bed, but I put on my workout clothes and ran! I deserve brownie points for that!

And my last gripe for the day is my hip is hurting to the point that I am really seriously thinking about getting medical attention. Before, I was only pondering the possibility. I took ibuprofen 30 minutes before my run, so I was able to get through with minimal pain. I know that my method here isn't fixing my hip, but rather just masking the pain. I guess I am reluctant to go to the doctor because I don't want him to tell me to stop running. I have made so much progress. I don't ever recall a time when I was so consistent with exercise. I feel like I CAN'T stop now. I'm going to ice my hip and do some stretching while I watch the end of The Bachelor.

I am happy I completed my run. It has helped make the "off" Monday a bit better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch Up

Day 16 No Soda

Running Log:
4.05 miles (3.47 run) - 53 min.
Arm and Legs 4 min. 8 lb.

I'll break this post up into topics that I have been meaning to blog about.

Run the Dream

Yesterday Evan and I participated in our first race for the year. We were up and out of the house before 7, and it was a gray, cold, and foggy day. Evan ran first. He was probably the 5th or 6th kid through the chute, so he was really disappointed that he didn't win. (He doesn't understand the concept of there being different divisions.) We had to emphasize that we were proud of him for trying his best and having fun.

Turns out that he won 2nd place for the 5-year-old male division! We were so proud of him!

Proudly showing off his trophy. I found the trophy in my bed this morning because the child walks through the house holding onto it!

After Evan's race, I zipped over to my starting area. The start was rather sudden. It is so hard to hear the instructions when standing in the middle of the group. Anyhow, I felt pretty good zipping along. Same as my other races, I try not to look around too much.

I liked the path we were on. Much easier than the Turkey Trot at this park! Once I rounded the last corner to head for the chute, I pushed really hard. My time was 21:47! Yay! I ran sub-11 minute miles! I'm not sure if I would have been able to keep up this pace for another mile for a 5K, but the two miles felt pretty great.

Here is the finish to my race. As I got to the grass, I really kicked it up a notch and pushed hard. I felt like I was moving so fast. In the video, it doesn't look I am moving fast at all. Oh well. Perception is a funny thing.

After the race trying to stay warm.

We had to stick around so Evan could get his trophy. Oh, and I won a raffle prize! I got a $15 gift certificate towards an ID bracelet or shoe tag. Cool!

I was secretly hoping that I might have had a shot at getting maybe 3rd place. But I didn't. I was checking last year's results. If I had run this race with my time last year, I would have gotten 3rd. I am surprised that I am a little bummed about it. It never mattered to me before. I guess it would just be cool to get a tangible reward for all this work.

It was a great morning. We came home, had lunch, and took naps in the afternoon! That was great as well.

1,000 Mile Club

I'm trying something pretty crazy. I joined a club called the 1,000 Mile Club. It is being organized by Tall Mom on the Run. She has a blog about her daily running and is probably one of the most positive people I have ever encountered (in bloggy land or in real life). I'm not sure what came over me, but I am now on board with the goal of running 1,000 miles for 2010! Yikes! What am I thinking?!

Running 1,000 miles for the year amounts to a little over 18 miles per week. It's a lot of work, but it's not completely out of range. I may need to tweak my weekly runs to get a bit more mileage each week, but I am going to attempt this. Wish me luck.

Running Log

I wrote a big long post about how I plan to record my miles. Essentially I said I wasn't going to count warm up and cool down walks in my totals. I changed my mind about that. In trying to move my body 1,000 miles this year, I figured I should count all those steps! Not that it really matters, because I am really only accountable to myself, but I am going to count all forward motion when I go out on my runs. Just thought I'd let my three faithful readers know!

Okay, I think that's it. We spent the morning taking Christmas down and packing it all in the shed. It's a sucky job, but must be done. I am letting my pizza lunch settle in my stomach before heading out on my Sunday long run.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great Day

Day 15 No Soda (I had a dream last night that I had soda, and I was so mad that I messed up my goal of quitting!)

Running Log:
2 miles - 21:47 min.

Once again I get to the end of the day and have little energy for writing a worthy blog post. I definitely need to take some time tomorrow to post a few things: 1,000 Miles Club, race from today, new thoughts on logging mileage.

Suffice it to say that I felt really good about my 2 miles in under 22 minutes, and Evan won 2nd place in the 5-year-old male division. We enjoyed time in the steamy hot spa, we all took a nap, and we had a great dinner of roast and mashed potatoes.

I'll definitely post pics and info tomorrow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Race Tomorrow

Day 14 No Soda
Running Log:
3.6 miles - 53:04 min.

I was going to post a few thoughts I had racing through my mind, but now it is getting late, and I am getting tired. My run tonight wasn't super great. I had to go to the bathroom around mile 2.4. I quit and walked the rest of the way at mile 2.7. I still moved my intended distance, however.

I don't feel too badly about walking the last bit because I'll be up early to race my two miles. I'll just have to share my deep thoughts tomorrow.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Unintended Rest Day

Day 13 No Soda
Running Log:
Rest Day

Today was not supposed to be my rest day. That was supposed to happen tomorrow. However, life got in the way tonight, so Rest Day it is. I'll do my 3.1 tomorrow night, but then I'm up early for a two-mile race on Saturday morning. I will feel the excitement at the start line.

After school, Evan and I zipped across town to pick up our race packets. (Did I mention that Evan will be running the 1/4 mile kids' run?) Once I was home for the evening, or so I thought, I tried on my new race shirt. I really like it. It is dark brown and long-sleeved. A nice change from the standard white short sleeved T-shirt.

Soon after this a friend called and really needed someone to talk to. I said sure and drove over to Olive Garden for some salad and bread sticks and wine. It was really funny to me that people actually go to a restaurant after 8 p.m! That is when you are supposed to leave a restaurant! See what having kids does to you?!

I was still wearing my new shirt. When the waiter walked up, he noticed the shirt and said he had gone to pick up his race packet today as well! That started a fun little conversation about racing, the race on Saturday, and some training. It was like I was part of a little club!

I am officially excited for the race on Saturday morning. I am hoping to push a fast (for me anyhow) two miles. It's only two miles, so I want to push hard.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Done Early

Day 12 No Soda
Running Log:
2.059 miles - 30 min.
Interval #2 - Treadmill speeds of 4.9, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3
Arms 8 lb. 4 min.

I left school at 3:45, was home by 4, was on the treadmill by 4:15 and was done by 4:45. I LOVE getting my run done early. It is so nice to have the evening spreading out in front me rather than trying to squeeze everything in.

Both boys were in a good mood, baths were taken before dinner, and now we are settling in for the night.

I am happy because tomorrow is my last day of exercise before my Friday rest day. Looking forward to Friday rest day. However, I think it has been a super successful first week of the year for exercise.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't Regret It

Day 11 No Soda
Running Log:
3.6 miles - 48:45 min.
Treadmill speed 4.8
Legs 8 lb. 4 min.

Today was a perfect example of getting through my workout simply because I would have regretted not doing it. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but I have really taken to heart the idea that you usually regret the runs you don't complete, but you never regret the ones you do complete. That is how I felt tonight.

Getting through that 3.1 was rough. I wanted nothing more than to slow down and quit. My breathing was labored, my legs felt heavy, and I am just tired. It's always hard getting back into the routine of school, dinner, baths, and bed.

Besides my long run on Sundays, I consider Tuesday to be my hardest workout day. It is a long run, and I work my legs with weights.

In any case, I am done. And I don't regret it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 10 No Soda
Running Log:
2.159 miles - 32 minutes
Interval #1 Speeds of 4.9, 5.0, 5.2, and 5.3

I was very happy to get home a bit early today. I immediately changed into my workout clothes, got on the treadmill, and ran. It felt good. Getting my run done early meant I got a shower early as well.

It was nice heading into the evening routine with all that out of the way. I wish I could run at 3 p.m. every day.

Evan was with me this afternoon and begged to get on the treadmill when I was done. I don't like him to use it much, especially when Hudson is around. However, it was just the two of us today, so I allowed him five minutes.

I sure hope he is growing up with a sense that exercise is fun and necessary for health. I think he already understands.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Healthy Habits

Day 9 No Soda
Running Log:
3.92 miles - 52 min.
Avg. pace - 12:16/mile
Max pace - 10:32/mile
Arms 8 lb. 4 min.

I gave it some thought and decided on the following healthier habits for each month of 2010.

Healthier Eating by the Month
January - No Soda
February - Follow Weight Watcher points concept (keep a food journal)
March - Take a vitamin, calcium, and joint supplement each day
April - Eat one vegetable each day
May - Drink 3 bottles of water each day (or at least 48 oz.)
June - Drink a glass of milk each day
July - No candy for the month
August - Eat 2 fruits each day
September - Increase to 2 vegetables a day
October - Cook at home every night
November - Include a cooked vegetable at dinner every night
December - Increase to 3 fruits a day

All of these are completely attainable for me. The only one I see as a challenge is November. I don't like cooked vegetables, so it is hard for me to think of what vegetables to cook. Notice I didn't say "eat" cooked vegetables, I said cook them! I will have to stick to salads during this month.

Just because a healthy habit falls into a certain month doesn't mean that I can't start following it now. Chances are strong that I'll be eating 2 fruits all year long. I am also going to try hard to take my daily vitamins starting now. We just bought new bottles at Costco. But when I am in a certain month, I will really focus on that healthy habit.

The idea is that I become healthier over the long haul as opposed to fitting it all in the month of January like I normally would try to do. And as I complete each month, hopefully the habit I worked on will become just that...a habit that I continue.

Also notice that the only things I excluded (as opposed to adding into my diet) were candy for July and soda for January. You would think that I'd be super healthy at home all summer, but that season is notoriously my worst for bad eating. Instead of using the extra time while on vacation to focus on being healthier, my brain seems to think that my healthy habits are on vacation along with all the school kids. I always kick it into high gear when I go back to school in August. Something about the routine. In general, I don't believe in banning things from a diet. It just makes it that much more tempting. And in saying that, I would really love a soda, but that is my all-time weakness, so it's on the banned list.

Anyhow. It's always good to have goals. They say to write them down to make them real. So, here they are. There's my written down goals. I'm doing well on the habit for January!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Day 8 No Soda
Running Log:
2.059 miles - 30 min.
Interval #3
Treadmill speeds 4.9, 5.1 and 5.3
Legs - 8 lb. 4 min.

Ahhh, done! I got my workout finished early. Granted, it is 4:42 in the afternoon, but that is so much better than waiting until 9 o'clock tonight to get it finished.

I am going to explain a few rules I have for myself regarding keeping my stats. (I'm sure that my three faithful readers aren't going to be picky about this, but I want to put it in writing, so I can look back and remember how I kept track of things.)

As far as keeping track of my running log, on my interval days I am counting the entire mileage covered, regardless if I am walking or running. It would be too complicated to figure out the exact amount of distance ran as opposed to walked. However, when I run outside and do my 5Ks or my Sunday long runs, I am only going to count my actual running time and not my warm up and cool down walk.

I know this is gibberish to all but me, but it makes me feel better to know how I want to keep track of my miles.

I do have specific goals for each month in regards to speed. In my running log for today, I said that my interval speeds were 4.9, 5.1, and 5.3. I will keep these speeds for the month of January and increase them each month. If I keep up with this plan for the year, I will reach a starting interval speed of 6.0 and an ending speed of 6.4 by December! That seems so insanely fast to me, but in reality, it is only a 10 minute mile.

Keeping with the same idea of adding a bit each month, I think that a healthier eating approach might work well using this system. I am such an all or nothing person and usually end up crashing and burning. I want to eat healthier, but I end up with my good friend "candy" when times get tough! Maybe if I incorporate one healthier habit each month, I will be able to make it stick. This month is no soda. Next month can be to eat two fruits each day. That would be a piece of cake because I like fruit, and I eat an apple everyday for breakfast anyhow.

Maybe I'll give this idea some thought, and I'll create my healthier food habit list for a future post.

I have my long run tomorrow. I am planning to run for 42 minutes. I won't even get into why I have chosen such a specific time. There are reasons, but they don't matter.

Next Saturday Evan and I have a race. I need to get our paperwork turned in before the price goes up. It's a two-miler, so it won't be as long as a 5K. Looking forward to it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting Off Right

Day 7 No Soda
Running Log
3.6 miles - 49:35 min.
Treadmill speed of 4.7

Normally today is my rest day, but I rested yesterday and started the new year off with exercise. I didn't plan it that way, but I'm glad to be starting on Jan. 1 with a good 5K run.

I don't mind running on my treadmill. I actually am very appreciative of the fact that I have one. I'm way too much of a chicken to run in the dark whether it is early morning dark or night time dark. The treadmill means I can run at night after the kids go to bed. The only problem with the treadmill is that I seem to run slower on it than I do when I run outside.

I seem to average between 11:30 and 12 minute miles when I run outside. If I was to set the treadmill speed at 5.0 (12 minute mile), I'd croak. I'm not sure why that is the case. Maybe it's because on the treadmill it is a consistent speed with no variance, and outside I can slow down or speed up according to energy levels throughout the run. The moral of this little experience is that I should run outside whenever possible and I'd get my workout done a lot sooner!

I had Eric take a photo of me once I got done with my workout tonight, but it was way too gross to put on the internet. I was soaked in sweat and looking awful. No one needs to see that. Instead I'll put up pictures of my butt. For the first time in a long time, I sort of like how I look from this angle!

I know it looks like I am posing, but I didn't even realize that Eric was taking photos at the time. If anything, a photo like this inspires me to keep it up.

One last thing for tonight: I am super duper proud of my husband! While I was running on the treadmill, he got on the elliptical next to me for a workout. I know how much motivation it takes to just get on the equipment. I know this is going to be the start of a healthier year for all of us.