My People

Here are the people in my life:

My husband of eight years, Eric. He's 45, which makes him six years older than me. We met on I am blessed to have him in my life. He is my best friend. Eric is the IT manager for the City of Hanford. He's amazing when it comes to keeping computers up and running.  I'm so proud of all that he is and does for our family!

Child #1. This is Evan. He's the kiddo who made me a mom. This kid is just like me in personality. It's probably why he and Eric get along so well. He is definitely Daddy's boy. He is exceptionally athletic. I finally feel like I can say that without sounding like a creepy, bragging mom. He really does have talent, and boy what an amazing soccer player he is! Evan is 9 and just finished fourth grade at the school where I work. I love having him at school with me.

Child #2. This is Hudson. I happen to love his name. It had to start with an "H" to go along with Heather. He has many nicknames including Chicken, Chicken Little, and Skippy John Jones. The kid never just walks. He skips, hops, throws a kick here and there, and in general bops to his own tune. This 6-year-old is desperate to keep up with his brother and his friends, desperate to find reasons not to go to school, and desperate to eat candy like his mommy! He'll be starting 2nd grade this fall.  His big party trick is bending his ear cartilage and shoving it inside his ear.  Hard to describe, funny as heck to see!

Pretty much any time I sign up for a race, I sign the boys up as well. More often than not, they win! I love seeing them succeed and have fun.  (Disclaimer: this picture is old, and I haven't raced in quite a while.  However, I am working out to P90X3 and I LOVE it!)

My younger sister, Tiffany, and my mom, Sharon.

My mom's name is Sharon Mable, but she insists that her name is Sharon Rose. I guess you can randomly rename yourself when you are 66! Mom just retired from working for 26 years as a teacher's aide at the school I went to as a kid.

My sister is a mom to three boys. She's a dental assistant.

We all live in different towns.

My dad, Don, died just over five years ago. He had complications from an infection that started in his leg. In just a half a day, the infection turned to sepsis and quickly shut down his organs. It was sudden and devastating. I don't get too upset on days like Christmas or his birthday because I'm emotionally ready for those days. It's random days when nothing is going on that it hits me how much I miss him.

Those are the main people in my life. I also have amazing friends and extended family, but this post is long enough!