Sunday, February 12, 2012

Merced Honey Bun 5K

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 31:56/10:21 avg pace

I think this was a 5K PR for me! Imagine that...getting a PR!

I had a really good time at this race. I ran it in honor of my friend and running buddy Elaine who was in a horrible car accident this past week. I left the music in the car and just prayed while I ran. I also tried to soak in the moments.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Please Vote

Still running. I'm just tired tonight.

I have a request:

If you could so graciously click on the link:


...and go vote for our Epic Love Story on ABC 30! Our video is "hlforcey."

If we win, we get an iPad2, dinner, jewelry and furniture! I would sooooooo love to win this prize. However, it was fun being creative and making the video!

It's easy to create a simple account and then vote. We would really appreciate your help!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time Fixes Many Things

Distance: 7.5 miles/11:34 avg. pace

We got up and went to church this morning. Then we went to Costco for gas and allergy medicine. We walked out of there buying much more than that! Oh Costco. How you suck us dry and tempt us with giant size bags of tortilla chips and artichoke/jalepeno dip. Hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday. It's okay to buy treats!

We came home, ate some lunch, and headed out for a run/ride. The plan was to be home in time to watch the game. Yeah, the plan didn't go as expected. The first part of the plan was for Eric to ride his bike to our meet up point. Eric left, and I got myself and the kids ready to go. Just as we pulled out of the driveway, Eric called. He ended up having a flat tire. We picked him up in the parking lot of Lowe's.

He didn't have any spare tubes (and yes, he knows this was not the smartest move), so we drove to a bike store so he could get some. Then we drove back to our original meet up spot. I took off with the kids to start my seven miles. The kids were on their bikes, and they did a really good job staying close to me without running me over. They waited at intersections and made sure I made it through the tunnels! I really don't like the tunnels. They creep me out.

Eric stayed behind to change his tube. We got to the three mile point before Eric caught up. He then took Hudson and back tracked to a park. Evan and I continued on until I reached the half way point. We made it back to the park to find Eric and Hudson. By that point it was 3:30! We were missing the start of the Super Bowl. That sucked.

We still had to run to the store for milk and basics. We ended up getting home just before half time. Oh well.

It wasn't a bad run, but I didn't feel peppy and full of drive. I was pretty much over all of my stress from school last week, so I didn't even have that to power me through! I didn't run with music. I took my ear buds just in case I wanted tunes, but I am really liking the rhythm and feel of listening to my breathing.

In any case, I got home and got straight in the shower. I could taste salt all over my lips from the sweat. Gross! Now I'm in PJ's watching the after coverage of the game. I've been snacking on some yummy treats. There goes those 15 WW Activity Points I just earned! Oh well!

I am determined to go into this week with a positive attitude. We'll see how I'm holding up on that by Wednesday.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

End of Week Run

Distance: 3.5 miles/5.0 speed on treadmill

Began watching Love and Other Drugs while running on the treadmill last night. I like it so far.

For the first time in a long time, three miles felt relatively easy. I'd even classify it as No Big Deal.

It was a much needed run to help alleviate some stress. I always seem to run better when I'm in an elevated mood such as stress. It's usually the negative moods that bring out my better runs. I don't seem to run as aggressively when I'm happy and content. Funny.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Much Needed

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 42:09/10:33 average pace

I almost talked myself out of running last night. I am still getting over this darn cold. It has now settled in my chest. I am still taking DayQuil to get through the day. I am still coughing my lungs up. I just DID NOT want to run. I even got dressed in my clothes and then sat on the couch and talked to my friend on the phone.

It was Eric that got me out there. He said, "You'll beat yourself up if you don't go run."

And he was right. I would totally have been angry for breaking the streak for no good reason.

I got off my butt, left my warm bed, ran a mile on the treadmill, and got back in bed. And if I'm being honest, it sort of sucked. My chest was hurting, I was resisting the run in the first place, and I just wanted it to be done. Twelve long minutes was that run.

But, I'm glad I did it.

Then today there was a little bit of stress at school. Nothing huge. Just some changes that are coming my way. I left school at 3:45 (which I rarely do) and headed home with the intention of running on the treadmill. Again, Eric stepped in. He suggested I run outside since it was such a nice day.

It was a pace day, so I was going to use the treadmill to keep me on pace. However, the thought of running outside seemed really appealing.

I took off and did four miles. And it was the best run! Soooooooo different from yesterday. How is that possible? One mile on a Tuesday can suck and four miles on a Wednesday can be fantastic!

I never thought I'd say this, but I think I like running without music! I am forced to run by listening to my body rather than try to keep up or down to the beat of a song. Plus, it's just not the safest thing wearing headphones out on the road.

Without pushing too too hard I managed to keep my pace at 10:33 per mile! Crazy! I feel like a real speedster! Hee hee!

Running without music also gives me a chance to sort through my feelings and stresses of the day. It was needed today.

A little speed, a dose of Vitamin D, and some good old sweat. Just what I needed this afternoon.