Thursday, July 17, 2014

Putting Myself "Out There"

We use that phrase a lot..."putting yourself out there."  But what does that really mean?  For me it means that I just went very public with my desire to be a more fit and healthier version of myself.  It means I have shared on Facebook in a very public way that I am trying to lose weight, eat right, and be accountable to myself and my family.

It also means that I want to help people.  I want to support others in their fitness goals as others have helped me.

 I am pretty excited about all these X's.  They mean that I have been consistent in working out.  They mean that I have not given up even when I've been tired, or cranky, or lifeless, or bloated, or any number of other excuses.  These X's mean that I'm changing my life through the power of consistency.

I really like the Beachbody P90X3 workout DVDs.  I like that they are tough.  I know I'm getting a good work out.  I also like that they are only 30 minutes, because let's face it, time is at a minimum.  I am not bored at all, and Tony Horton makes me smile.  He's pretty funny.  I think those are some good qualities in an exercise DVD.

And these suckers are helping me do that as well.  My little three pound weight in the middle is the one I used this morning to do a cardiovascular workout.  You wouldn't think that holding an itty bitty 3 pound weight would be any big deal, but OH MY GOSH does it ever make a difference!  Sweat city!

*Honest moment - I haven't lost a significant amount of weight, because I'm not perfect in any way, and I'm still working on getting my food intake into a healthy balance.  However, I know I'm getting stronger.  My balance and muscles are more noticeable.  I can do push up on my toes!  I couldn't do that 4 weeks ago!


Hailey said...

Good job, keep up the great work! I also struggle with the food intake, but like you said it's a work in progress.

I did two months of the P90X Classic earlier this year. The workouts are great, but it's hard to find 1+ hours of uninterrupted time during the day. I think I'll look into doing P90X3 as my next fitness challenge after my half marathon!

Paul Rodman said...


If you are feeling it, your doing great.
I say: don't worry AT ALL about your weight.
First build the habits...then come strength and muscle and endurance...then you can think about burn some lbs off.